by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • NPR has a long story on forced abortion, the One-Child Policy, and future population problems in China.
  • Fifteen Chinese scholars have issued a public letter calling for the Chinese government to rethink their One-Child Policy:

    “The birth approval system built on the idea of controlling population size as emphasized in the current ‘Population and Family Planning Law‘ does not accord with provisions on the protection of human rights contained in the nation’s constitution,” the authors of Thursday’s letter wrote, adding that a rewriting of the law was “imperative.” …

    Researchers with the Research Development Center, a prominent government-affiliated think tank, added their voices to the chorus on Tuesday with an open call for Beijing to consider revising the policy, though they made no mention of Ms. Feng. Instead, the researchers focused on China’s rapidly aging population and a predicted dearth of young workers that some have said could bring about a demographic crisis.

  • A husband and wife abortionist team in India has been arrested on suspicion of performing sex-selection abortions. They were on the run for 2 weeks after one of their midwives was caught attempting to bury an aborted female child.
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