An ABC headline today reports, “Obama to Stoke ‘War on Women’ Debate in Colorado,” confirming the president’s “return to the gender politics of earlier in the cycle,” as reported by Politico a few days ago.

Obama is upping the ante, taking Georgetown Law School grad Sandra Fluke on the road with him on a two-day campaign trek through Colorado. Rush Limbaugh infamously called (then retracted) Fluke a “slut” for testifying in Congress she thought she should get free contraceptive through her Catholic university’s insurance plan.

Obama also continues to further tie himself to Planned Parenthood. In addition to a television ad released over the weekend touting the United States’ largest abortion chain, the Obama campaign released a web ad yesterday, discussed here. This ad marked Obama’s fourth pitch for Planned Parenthood, free contraceptives, and “family planning services” in a month.  (Also see “Troubled” and “Women’s Choices”.)

It is fascinating to watch Obama promote Planned Parenthood to the extent that he is. He could certainly push the pro-contraception/abortion agenda without mentioning the abortion giant.

I go back to the fact that Planned Parenthood must be scoring well in his internal polls.

Or it could be that Planned Parenthood isn’t scoring so well in the polls, and Obama needs to raise its favorables so any advertising it does on his behalf gets a better response. Synergy.

But Planned Parenthood sure is a risky dance partner.

[Photo via Politico]


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