by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN and Kelli

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  • Big Blue Wave reprints an essay on abortion entitled, “The Cause of Life Can’t be Severed from the Cause of Freedom,” written by WI Rep. Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s pick for Republican VP candidate.

    Pro-lifers, we need to get busy supporting this ticket.

  • Father Frank Pavone discusses the reasons why he believes the Catholic Church’s invitation to President Obama to attend the Al Smith Dinner in October is “not appropriate at this time.”

  • Kelly Clinger discusses a recent viral photo (pictured left) of a woman waiting to abort her 20-week twin girls (because she wanted boys) at the Orlando Women’s Center. The photo has received mixed reactions – mostly disbelief and horror that procedures like it are legal and occurring every day here in America. Perhaps this horror is a starting point to help people understand that early abortion is no different – it’s just a matter of size.
  • At The Road to Roe, Clarke Forsythe has information on “one of the earliest pieces of evidence in [Justice Blackmun’s] papers that viability was being considered as a gestational marker in defining the abortion right.”
  • Michael New shares his thoughts on the legacy of March for Life founder Nellie Gray, who passed away this week at the age of 88.
  • The Anti-Abortion Gang points out how ultra-liberal Rachel “I usually love the AP” Maddow is shocked by a mainstream media article which includes quotes from a pro-life leader and fails to keep the usual pro-abortion slant.
  • FRC Blog has a must-read post discussing whether religious freedom is necessary for our other freedoms to exist. The attacks on our religious freedoms/conscience rights are front and center with the passing of Obamacare:

    Dr. Tom Farr… states the core of his argument eloquently in two essential points: (1) Our duty to God precedes any duty we have to the state, and thus (2) it is the duty of the state to protect this foundational right to religious liberty and the exercise of conscience.

  • Moral Outcry explains what cancer and abortion have in common and what you need to know before participating in fundraisers for the American Cancer Society:

    The American Cancer Society is not considered a pro-life organization for the following reasons:

    1. Support for human embryonic stem cell research
    2. Grant funding at facilities known prominently for human embryonic stem cell research
    3. Grant funding for morally questionable research
    4. Grant funding to Planned Parenthood
    5. Referrals to Planned Parenthood as a health information/education resource
    6. Donations to the Lance Armstrong LiveStrong Global Cancer Campaign
    7. Failure to acknowledge the link between previously induced abortion and risk for breast cancer
    8. Suggested fertility options including IVF, embryo freezing, egg/sperm donation and surrogacy

    The problem with agencies like ACS is that we don’t want to speak out against places helping people with cancer. Cancer is evil. It kills people prematurely.

    And so does abortion.

  • Kansans for Life shares the good news of pro-life victories in Kansas state primaries:

    This continued pattern of electing pro-life legislators is inspired by more than a decade of frustration with the failure to prosecute fraudulent late-term abortions, the Senate resistance to toughening abortion laws, the shameless shredding of evidence of criminal abortion by the Sebelius administration, and the failure of the Senate to throw out the worst state judicial process in the nation, as we watch newly-passed pro-life bills sit in court or head to our extremely liberal state Supreme Court.

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