This isn’t a new daily feature (unless someone wants to take it on!), but I had to post this awesome photo, via The Tennessean, to start our weekend on a high note (click to enlarge)…

Reported The Tennessean, August 17:

A longtime Knoxville abortion provider closed its doors, blaming a newly enacted Tennessee law that requires doctors performing abortions to hold admitting privileges at local hospitals.

The Volunteer Women’s Medical Clinic had two physicians providing abortions. One died after suffering a stroke within days of obtaining hospital privileges, said clinic director Deb Walsh. Another retired physician working with the clinic has not obtained privileges.

“I’ve been able to keep the doors open and the phone staff working up until this week,” Walsh wrote in a public letter titled, “End of an Era.”

And good riddance.

One more bit of good news from the article:

The clinic’s closure drops to eight the number of abortion clinics operating in the state, down from 16 a decade ago.

[HT: Pro-Life Action League on Facebook]

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