A large cast of luminaries—including Kevin Bacon, Sandra Bernhard, Billy Crudup, Olympia Dukakis, Jenna Fischer, Caroline Kennedy, Lisa Kudrow, Tea Leoni, Audra McDonald, Oliver Platt, Martha Plimpton, Amy Poehler, Kyra Sedgwick, Sarah Silverman, Meryl Streep [pictured right], and Louis Zorich—have signed on to support the campaign and to speak out via a series of PSAs, the first of which I am proud to unveil today.

Our goal with this campaign is to collect massive amounts of signatures, so that we may present them to the President, Congress, and lawmakers around the country in order to demonstrate that the majority of Americans believe that these rights are fundamental, inalienable human rights that must be guaranteed and defended.

~ Nancy Northup of the Center for Reproductive Rights announcing the launch of their new campaign called DRAW THE LINE, which encourages people to sign the Bill of Reproductive Rights, via RH Reality Check, October 9

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