Rasmussen released a new poll on November 14 indicating that 54% of likely voters now consider themselves pro-choice, while only 38% say they are pro-life.

In the aftermath of the election I told friends to expect a bump in abortion support.

I’m not saying I believe the pendulum has swung the other way by 15 points since the May Gallup poll.

But of course the dial has moved, given the fact Obama and Democrats made such a huge pitch for abortion, and given the fact they embedded themselves, pardon the pun, as the champions of free contraception.

The bigger problem, and it’s a recurring one, is Republicans didn’t fight back. Democrats gambled that they they wouldn’t, even though there was such a great amount of fodder, particularly against Obama.

Allahpundit at Hot Air blamed Todd Akin for the swing.

Yes, Akin and Richard Mourdock both made ridiculous statements on the rape issue.  As I told one of my children several years back when her shoes got sucked off her feet after she wandered into a mud pit, “For such a smart person, that sure was stupid.”

But the Republican Party is partially to blame there, too, for two reasons, first for being so frightened about, ambivalent toward, or supportive of abortion that they abandoned these candidates faster than a one night stand.

Joe Biden can singlehandedly fill a Stupid Quote of the Day calendar, but his people stick with him no matter what he says.

Second, because the GOP is so averse to overt abortion support, they don’t teach talking points.

In total, this debacle demonstrates, as common sense would dictate, that politics plays a part in persuading public opinion on the life issue. The GOP should be as invested in educating on social issues as fiscal issues.

It’s not enough to support life in the platform, as nice as that is. And it’s not enough to leave the heavy lifting to pro-life groups.

Politically speaking, pro-lifers are fighting a two-front war. The pro-life issue was banished during the campaign season, and then the pro-life issue was blamed in part for several losses. This is ridiculous. I’m sick of it.

The GOP is creating a self-fulfilling prophecy on the life issue, squandering an American pro-life majority as if it didn’t/doesn’t exist.

While not mentioning abortion specifically, S. E. Cupp made this point on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on November 15. Liberal Donny Deutsch didn’t want to hear it. Of course the other side wants to push the meme that Americans have abandoned conservative principles. They want us to leave a void for them to fill…

To put it in politically expedient terms, the GOP establishment may not necessarily like the life issue, but they will never out-abortion the Democrats. Do they really think growing more silent on the life issue is somehow going to help them win something? Check out the above to see how that is working for them. They are dithering away one of the few majorities they have left.

If the GOP continues treating the life issue like it’s leprosy, they’ll be left with nothing. But they’ve got to do more than put up with us. They have to embrace us. They have to feature pro-life women as prominently as the Democrats feature pro-abortion women. They have to proudly and persuasively uphold the sanctity of human life.

Pro-lifers will never stop fighting to stop abortion.

But we only care about the Republican Party insomuch as it can help us.

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