Poll 2.pngI have a new poll question up:

Do you agree with Michael Voris that Obama’s reelection “signals the end of a civilization,” or is he overreacting?

Vote on the lower right side of the home page.

Obviously, pro-lifers greatly miscalculated on the last poll question:

Monday morning quarterbacking myself, I got it wrong, too, on several counts: that the number of people voting for Obama would be down, that there would be no female gender gap (although I must say despite the other side’s “war on women” effort, Obama’s support among women fell 1% from 2008 – down from 56% to 55%),that Akin stood a better chance than he did, and that the Chick-fil-A voters would shock and awe.

But it all is what it is, and we move on – or do we – which brings me back to the new poll question… :)

As always, make comments to either the previous or current poll here, not on the Vizu website.

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