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  • Michael New gives his take on the media’s claim that contraceptive use was the primary contributor to the decrease in 2009 abortion rates. There is no evidence to suggest that contraceptive use increased that year – however, New points out that it was the first year that a majority of Americans identified themselves as pro-life.

  • At Live Action, Kristen Walker Hatten promotes Reggie Littlejohn’s new Save a Girl campaign against gendercide and coerced abortion in China:

    “We ask people to contribute $25 a month,” says Littlejohn. “Twenty dollars goes to the women and $5 goes to cover our costs and to the field workers who are bravely finding these women and getting the money into their hands….

Our primary focus is to end gendercide,” Littlejohn says, “so we’re definitely locating women who are determined to abort or abandon babies. The other thing we’re doing is helping women who are fleeing from forced abortions. We have one woman who was fleeing from village to village to avoid the family planning police. She had a baby boy a few months ago.”

  • Americans United for Life says the recent reports touting the CDC’sabortion rate drop tell only part of the story. What isn’t highlighted is the fact that the 12 women who died following their abortions is “double the deaths reported the previous year and it’s the highest since 1994.”Reporting by states is also voluntary and California does not participate.
  • Fletcher Armstrong spots a piece of disgusting advice for teens from Planned Parenthood that might as well have been taken from a pornographic magazine: If you’re okay with swallowing semen, go for it. But as a footnote… remember, kids, unprotected oral sex can still give you STDs. (No mixed message there, right?)

  • Right to Life of Michigan fact checks a pro-embryonic stem cell piece from the Detroit Free Press, which is long on spin of promised cures but short on truth about the failures and dangers of such research. Notably missing are arguments against ESCR and discussion of induced pluripotent (adult) stem cell successes. The ESCR article features a photo of adult stem cell success – a definite misleading of the public in order to promote an agenda.
  • Real Choice shares the story of two women who died from abortions 50 years apart in order to show why the legalization of abortion did nothing to save women’s lives.
  • Wesley J. Smith reports on a fertility doctor who has decided to save money by using an “assembly line” approach:

    Dr. Ernest Zeringue… sharply cuts costs by creating a single batch of embryos from one egg donor and one sperm donor, then divvying it up among several patients.

As long as this industry remains unregulated and human life is bought as a commodity item, we can expect to see more of this.

[Graphic via The Stem Cell Blog]

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