They came in droves seemingly out of nowhere, standing hours in line to quietly cast their vote for traditional marriage by simply buying a chicken sandwich.

These were the Chick-fil-A people, who, at the behest of Gov. Mike Huckabee, flocked to restaurants in the chain all across the country on August 1, “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day,” to show their support for CEO Dan Cathy, who had been maligned for expressing support for traditional marriage.

The Chick-fil-A people are who Rush Limbaugh was speaking of yesterday, the vastly underestimated bloc of believers who are quietly chomping at the bit to vote next Tuesday.

Rush further defined them as pro-lifers:

They’re trying to re-create what happened in 2008 without considering what happened in 2010…. But 2010 does matter. It really happened. And it was devastating for the Democrats, and it’s not done one thing but get worse since then. It hasn’t gotten any better….

To sweep 2010 away doesn’t mean because it wasn’t a presidential race, there weren’t any candidates…. 2010 was an uprising in this country against Obama and everything he stands for and an uprising against the Democrat Party….

And Daniel Henninger today, Wall Street Journal: “Romney’s Secret Voting Bloc.” I love this. I love this. Because I think this is true as well. He starts out this way:

“You’ve heard about Mitt Romney’s problems with the women’s vote, the black vote, the Hispanic vote, the union vote and the young Democrats vote. But there’s one major voting group that’s fallen off the map since the primaries… the evangelical vote.” The evangelical vote.

What would you call them, the religious right, the value voters, or (as they would say at Planned Parenthood), “The damn pro-lifers.” Some moderate Republicans would say “damn pro-lifers,” too, but they’re not being counted on. They’re not being polled. They’re not being factored. They’re not considered a constituency.

But the point is, they are a large part of the Tea Party.  They are a large part of the what happened in 2010.  And the evangelicals, the media hates ’em, the Democrats hate ’em, and they tell themselves that they don’t matter.  They’re just a bunch of really dumb, stupid, single-issue people

Have you heard any discussion of this voting bloc in this whole campaign?  You haven’t, have you?  They are 24 million votes.  They always have been.  And they are way under the radar of the Drive-Bys, at least publicly.  I’m sure that Axelrod and Plouffe and these guys live in mortal fear of them.  They’re never gonna acknowledge it.  But, you see, the media and the Democrats are not interested or even curious to learn anything about these people.  They so despise them and resent them, and conservatives in general….

They love to report on the Obama agenda, the War on Women and the gay activist vote, blacks, illegals, college students, but in the 2002 midterms, they got gobsmacked. I remember I was on election night coverage with Tom Brokaw and Tim Russert, and they had no idea what hit ’em.  And in the exit polls of the midterms in 2002, the value voters, the number one issue for Republicans that voted in the midterms was values, Democrat Party values.  And everybody was shocked.

Now, the evangelical vote doesn’t vote every year.  They don’t vote every election.  They are the kind that will sit out elections if they’re single issue or maybe their top two issues are not met. It’s spending and it’s life, and if those things are not addressed, they’ll sit out rather than vote.  But if they show up and vote, they’re never accounted for.  And Henninger’s piece here is all about there’s a whole bunch of them that are going to vote.  In fact, Franklin Graham, Billy Graham’s son, has just fairly recently began to mobilize his flock in this regard…

One of the things about the evangelicals: They don’t talk to pollsters. They don’t talk to them. Go back to 2008. One of the reasons that McCain chose Palin was because the evangelical vote didn’t want anything to do with McCain.

They tried to rally the evangelical vote with the selection of Palin. It didn’t quite work. They didn’t vote in 2008. A lot of people just didn’t vote. Now, this is why the selection of Paul Ryan was inspired. Ryan is… I mean, he’s clean and pure as the wind-driven snow and he means it. He’s just… He’s a good boy. He’s a good boy, and he inspires confidence. “We can do this! We can do this!” meaning, fix this problem.

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