I felt deeply regretful about giving my body to someone who did not value me. But I didn’t learn my lesson then. Not yet. It took a sordid, soul-crushing, disgusting, short-lived “relationship” with another not-very-nice dude to really drive the point home.

After that, I vowed before God that the next time I had sex, it would be on my wedding night. And, by His Grace, I kept that promise. I was married two months ago to a man who treats me like a queen. And he was no virgin, either. He was 43 when we married. But he had learned the lesson I learned: that sexual libertinism is not liberating. It destroys you a little piece at a time….

I believe that sex, by bringing us together as couples and by making babies, serves God and serves mankind. Sex is for us; we are not for sex. I don’t worship it because that’s unhealthy and stupid. I don’t need to use the word “vagina” in every sentence to prove to you that I know how mine works.

… [I]f you divorce anything from its place in the Natural Law, from its true purpose, you pervert it.

Fauxminists loooove this idea that every pro-life female just needs a good rogering from someone who isn’t her husband or a night out on the town with “real” feminists to abandon women and children to abortion and pornography and sex trades and join the “real” feminists in their frolicking. Oh, if they could just show her how fun it is on the other side, thinking strip clubs are liberating and ScarJo is inspiring, she would be confidently strolling through Victoria’s Secret with flavored condoms in her purse just like the “real” feminists!

Sorry, ladies. I’ve been there. I’ve done it. I’ve seen the other side. I ain’t afraid of it. But you can keep it.

~ Kristen Walker Hatten (pictured), Live Action, December 9

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