Politicians often come to [Catholics for Choice] when they are being pressured by their local bishop. They want to know if they’re getting the full story in the one supplied by the institutional church. As can be seen in the movie, the answer is a resounding “No.”

The “secret” is that there is more than one magisterium — in addition to the hierarchy, there is also the magisterium of the theologians and that of the people. This means that any of us can be called to teach, and for many this can mean doing what the theologians and thinkers in the film — Rosemary Radford Ruether, Dan Maguire, Mary Hunt, Anthony Padovano, Sheila Briggs, Daniel Dombrowski and Kate Ott — have done: bravely speak out.

~ Jon O’Brien (pictured above right), president of Catholics for Choice, explaining how the recent release of “The Secret History of Sex, Choice, and Catholics” video has somehow set the record straight on what the Catholic Church really teaches regarding human sexuality, RH Reality Check, December 19

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