I’m attending a two-day summit in ColumbusOhio, involving leaders of pro-life activist groups, spearheaded by Mark Harrington of Created Equal, an organization of which I’m a board member. I’ll discuss more on that in another post.

But Don Cooper of World Life Organization (another group I’m on the board of), made a stirring point I’d like to pass along to you to get the conversation started as to the state of the pro-life movement as we approach the 40 year mark of legalized abortion in the U.S.

Don showed a video you may have seen, of several passersby ignoring for several minutes a toddler who was struck by not one but two trucks on a street in China last October. A total of 18 people ignored the crushed child until a street scavenger finally pulled her off the street. She went on to die….


Don pointed out this is exactly what is going on in America in front of our churches. Babies are being killed all around them in much the same way as this little 2-yr-old, and the churches are walking around those babies.

And it’s worse, because the Church should be more motivated than even the godless Chinese to save these children.

Don asked, should we really expect anything different from people like Barack Obama and liberals when our own people are ignoring or enabling abortion?
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