by Kelli

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  • At The Public Discourse, Michael New notes the fact that abortion has not delivered on its promises to reduce the out-of-wedlock birthrate, the incidence of child abuse, or the crime rate.
  • Abortion in Washington shares poll results from the state, showing the population overwhelmingly supports parental notification before abortions are performed on minors.


  • Down on the Pharm reports that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (pictured left) is promoting a Reproductive Care Act, which would “allow late term abortions after 24 weeks… for any reason.”
  • Moral Outcry analyzes Planned Parenthood’s new de-emphasis of the “pro-choice” label as well as their accompanying ad campaign.
  • Big Blue Wave discusses a recent study on condom distribution in Tanzania, which included pre-adolescents, age 10+. Almost 63% of the study’s participants argued that “condoms are suitable for adults, not children of their age because they should not be engaging in sexual activities before marriage.”
  • Coming Home shares news from the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists that says RU-486 chemical abortions (which take 36-72 hours) may be reversible through the use of progesterone injections.
  • Kansans for Life says the ACLU “has withdrawn their failing lawsuit against a 2011 Kansas law which bars private health care insurance from covering elective abortions.”
  • At Live Action, Kristen Walker Hatten addresses the fear so often felt by women experiencing unplanned pregnancies.
  • At Life Training Institute, Scott Klusendorf gives an excellent response to a pro-life pastor who chose to vote pro-choice this past election:

    I grieve that my former pastor supports a party where 90 percent of its current House membership voted against a bill protecting unborn females from sex-selection abortions. He voted for a party that supports forcing religious groups to fund insurance coverage for abortion-inducing drugs. He voted for a party that says doctors must perform or refer for abortion or go out of business. While he’s worried about Christians forcing their views on others, the party he supports is forcing Christians to comply with abortion mandates or face legal prosecution.

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