UPDATE 6p: Well, the plot of this blog post has certainly thickened.

Abolish Human Abortion founder Russell Hunter has posted a YouTube video (see also below) responding to my weekend question, because, he said, “Jill Stanek actually used a Facebook status that I wrote as the conjecture or the inspiration for her survey,” and “Jill Stanek uses this Facebook status as evidence that Abolish Human Abortion thinks all marches are worthless.”

Russell in his video said I misinterpreted his FB post, because he meant to say the meteorite he thought God might launch at Tulsa pro-life marchers was not because of the march itself but because of the prayer at the end.

Let me start by saying I didn’t know Ian John Philoponus, whose FB status I posted, was Russell. I don’t track AHA or Russell that closely. A couple days ago someone sent me the screen shot of the status with a link to the post, and I set it aside to pose as a weekend question because I thought it was worth discussing. I was interested in the thought, not the random guy posting it.

I didn’t originally include the Dallas AHA quotes in my post either. If you read my comment at 10:12a, I added them later when I remembered them as further corroboration that Ian’s FB thought wasn’t random.

I can see why AHA might think I was scrutinizing it, not knowing these things, but I wasn’t.

I’ll add that I don’t think Ian/Russell’s FB post was very clear. I’m sure Russell knew what he meant to say, but I think if he reads his post objectively he will agree my interpretation wasn’t over-reaching. I’ll also add I’m not sure Russell’s (secondhand?) portrayal of events at the Tulsa march were as he stated. From audio proudly posted by an AHA member, I would say it was AHAers, not marchers, who behaved disgracefully. There’s also news video of the march.

Russell finished his YouTube thoughts about me by saying, “But what she’s actually demonstrating is that she has no comprehension just how much God hates pluralism and idolatry.”

I must say that one hurt, because I do know how much God hates pluralism and idolatry, so much so that – never mind Ra or Buddha or other idols that can be seen – I pray against the idols of my heart, like food and that computer game I liked just a little too much and deleted off my iPad January 1. And I pray Psalm 51:10 quite a bit, because I know I fall terribly short on a minute-by-minute basis of Mark 12:30. Just so you know, Russell.

Russell ended his video by calling on his supporters to vote “no” on my poll, not because AHA opposes marches per se, but as “a demonstration to Jill that fidelity to Christ is actually more important than pluralistic marches to save the babies,” adding on Facebook that “[i]f we can get 200 ‘No’ votes we will release the second video, which is much cooler than this one.”

If that were my actual poll question, Russell, I would vote “no,” too.

Russell’s video…


9:17a: I spoke last night at a wonderful fundraising event for Wabash Valley Right to Life in Terre Haute, Indiana, and I will be driving home this morning and not able to blog (although look for Friday’s Pro-life blog buzz this afternoon!).

So following is an early weekend question. I’ll post another tomorrow. Also be sure to take the poll at the bottom of this blog.

Do you think pro-life marches, which are now held in hundreds of locations around the U.S. and world, are helpful to the movement or a colossal waste of time? The latter conjecture is based on this Facebook post:


At the Dallas march, Abolish Human Abortion reps accused pro-lifers (video at link) of conducting a “photo op,” adding:

What have you done? What have you done for the unborn but march?…. Marching does not help end abortion…. One sermon a year is not enough. Marching is not enough.

What do you think? How do pro-life marches help the movement, or how are they so unproductive marchers should fear God striking them with meteors?


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