Louie Verrecchio is one of Catholic News Agency’s longest running columnists. He wrote an oped this week, reposted by American Life League, that contained several strong  statements and one profound one, underlined. Verrecchio was writing to Catholics but Protestants could certainly be included in much of his denouncement.

If the Second Coming of Obama is evidence of anything, it is the godlessness of a nation, the majority of whose citizens worship an idol who not only grants free license to practically every immoral impulse that one can imagine, but who also evidently demands human sacrifice to the tune of more than a million innocent souls each year.

This culture of depravity is the result of an underlying spiritual malady that has been allowed to fester and spread over the last five decades virtually unopposed by the only force capable of overtaking it.

The United States – a land wherein class-envy passes for compassion, same-sex “marriage” is accepted as fairness, and contraception is considered a matter of healthcare – is about to reap the just rewards, not so much of a nation that has abandoned the principles of its Founding Fathers, but of a Church that has abandoned its founder and the mission He has given her….

As difficult as it may be to accept, the anti-Christian oppressor and purveyor of evil extraordinaire, Barrack Hussein Obama, is precisely what the American people and the Church that has failed to properly form them deserves. Yes, deserves….

To be clear, while I considered my own ballot for Mitt Romney a vote in favor of a step in the right direction, I do not wish to imply that such a vote was a de facto vote for Christ.

What I do wish to state in the strongest terms possible, however, is that invincible ignorance aside there isn’t one single solitary person who worships the one true God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who cast a vote in favor of Barrack Obama.

At the end of the day, America’s woes can be boiled down to good old-fashioned godlessness; either the majority of the electorate is with the Lord or against Him. In the case of election 2012, the latter prevailed and the reason is simple: The Church has gone astray.

Perhaps the dark days ahead will jolt the sacred hierarchy out of its collective slumber, emboldening them to set aside all worldly preoccupations to carry the light of Christ into the world and to proclaim His Kingship once more. This must be our prayer.

Do you agree that no one who worships the God of Abraham could possibly have voted for Obama? Also take the poll.


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