Berkeley, Genocide Awareness Project, Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, abortion, ObamaNothing is going the pro-aborts’ way except through political or judicial maneuvering. In other words, they are only able to keep themselves from going under by hook or by crook.

This is unsustainable. The trajectory is on the side of Life. A Time magazine cover story outlined many of the other side’s problems in January.

Students for Life National Programs Coordinator Beth O’Malley has blogged about her observations of attending the Young Feminist Leadership Conference on March 23-25 in Washington, D.C., which echo mine (examples here, here, and here):

While the presenters tried to assert confidence and enthusiasm in their position, their tone towards the current state of this battle was disappointed and frustrated! They are “on the defensive,” and we have done a significant amount of damage with our pro-active efforts on the grassroots levels and in legislative measures.

In my second workshop attendance, I listened to the panel list numerous ballot initiatives, amendments, and lawsuits challenging their abortion and “family planning” programs. In particular, it is important to note what the panelists claimed was causing the most damage.

  1. We have turned the conversation. We are discussing matters that are not within the framework that the other side wants.
  2. We are fighting on our turf. We have gained ground through ballot initiatives, amendments, and lawsuits that challenge the other side to take the defensive.
  3. We make them spend money. Our constant, pro-active fights in community, state, and federal battles are costing them time, money, and resources.
  4. We are targeting Planned Parenthood.Our increased efforts to put the abortion Goliath out of business are having a huge effect! “If you can make them spend a few million dollars in a few different states every year, that’s a lot less money for actual patient care and services.”
  5. We sometimes split their base and cause them to fight amongst one another.


Yes, the sun does shine for them in Washington. But it’s dark – and growing darker – everywhere else.

As a side note, Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics wrote something inspiring on Facebook this week:

There are no unimportant discussions about abortion. First, with the public’s growing unease over abortion, people who we could have never reached in the past are at least willing to listen to the pro-life message. Even among abortion clinic employees, there is a creeping sense of doubt about what they are doing. Morale is low, turnover rates are astronomical, discouragement is rampant, and while they would never admit it, every rational pro-life argument they hear amplifies their doubts.

Bottom line: Let’s rededicate ourselves this weekend to not just press on but redouble our efforts to stop the child killing.

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