by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • Coming Home says the ACLU certainly has fallen far from protecting civil liberties, as they are now defending sex-selective and eugenic abortion of the disabled:

    Having abandoned the protection of the weakest among us and championing the “rights” of those who prey upon the weak, the ACLU has gutted itself. In championing the right to murder little girls for being little girls, and for championing the murder of the genetically imperfect, the ACLU has become indistinguishable from the slaveholding and segregationist class it once despised and against whom it found its organizational identity.

    Such is the malevolent power of abortion to corrupt.


  • Priests for Life calls for the investigation of New Woman All Women abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama (pictured left), which lost its license in May 2012 but continues to perform abortions in direct violation of state law. Fr. Frank Pavone writes:

    The abortion industry is again acting in character. When you kill babies, you don’t care when someone tells you to stop. You can’t practice vice virtuously…. The abortion lobby always thinks it is above the law. We therefore call for a thorough investigation of the New Woman All Women facility by the State of Alabama, and strong action to enforce the law.

  • Stand for Life shares a sidewalk counselor’s personal testimony, reminding us that our sacrifices can result in lives saved, even when it seems like no one is paying attention.
  • Secular Pro-Life publicizes a March Madness fundraiser organized by Students for Life of Illinois. Sign up at
  • Pro-Life Action League analyzes a pro-choice article lamenting the lack of training for future abortionists and a current shortage of providers. The industry is not united in how to remedy this and is seemingly more concerned that publicity on the need for abortion training could result in more pro-life laws.

    Some in the industry, while fingering Planned Parenthood as their biggest competitor, have still seen fit to join the company in dropping “choice” and “abortion” as part of their namesakes, instead choosing to emphasize “providing healthcare.” Pro-life activism is having an impact.

  • A Voice for Hope joins the chorus of praise for AE’s Duck Dynasty with the news that business owner Phil Robertson, an evangelical Christian, is also pro-life:
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