imageI’m no constitutional scholar, but I’m told the “right to privacy” was invented to provide a foundation for the “right to abortion.”

But privacy appears to be a “right” only when convenient for liberals.

While the Left calls Bradley Manning a “hero” for releasing classified military information, and likewise calls Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, “a flawed-hero figure fearlessly committed to the freedom of information” – “flawed” only because two women with “questionable motivations” have accused him of rape, the Left draws the line when the right to abortion privacy is breached.

Currently a writer at RH Reality Check is castigating me for being the first to release the names of late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart’s victims, Jennifer Morbelli and her preborn daughter Madison Leigh, along with details surrounding their deaths, provided to me by multiple sources.

I’m told Washington Post got the names only 30 minutes after I did – from yet another source – so they would have eventually come out.

The real point of the attack against me is obvious. Abortion proponents want to draw attention away from the fact that a high profile hero of their movement is likely responsible for the death of a woman.

How do I know this?

Easy. Feminists are hypocrites. They always ignore when abortionists themselves are cavalier about medical privacy. I have the names of probably 100 mothers who have gotten abortions at clinics owned by Carhart, Alberto Hodari, and others, only because these people indiscriminately tossed their private information into the trash, for instance, the following, which I’ve posted before (redacted)…



But it is ideologically inconvenient for feminists to trash abortionists for recklessly trashing the names of mothers who kill their babies.

Still, the question remains, how far do pro-lifers go when it comes to protecting privacy vs. exposing the darkness of abortion to sunlight?

I consider myself a thoughtful militant about this topic. Abortion is mass genocide being committed on the grandest scale in human history. I view how I sift information I receive as how I would sift information I might have received as a civil disobedient in Adolf Hitler’s midst, or in the midst of slave ship traders.

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