carhart1Lest we forget, Kermit Gosnell isn’t the only late-term abortionist hack in the news.

There are several others, including Maryland’s LeRoy Carhart, whose patient, Jennifer Morbelli, died February 7, the day after Carhart completed the abortion of her 33-wk-old daughter Madison Leigh and then booked the state.

Later in February I joined Live ActionOperation Rescue, and Students for Life of America to launch a petition driven citizens’ complaint at

The complaint asked the Maryland Board of Physicians  for an immediate emergency suspension of Carhart’s Maryland medical license, followed by a permanent license revocation.

carhart3But when SFLA attempted to submit 5,000 complaints on March 18, they were stopped at the door. The complaints weren’t in official form, SFLA was told.

Furthermore, Board members Carole Catalfo and Christine Farrelly dismissed petition signers as “unlikely [to know]… the details of the situation and merely affected by a biased media,” according to SFLA.

Now I’m happy to report SFLA was successful on April 23 delivering the original 5,000 complaints, plus 1,000 more.

This time SFLA members were met by enhanced security measures and four MBOP members.

And this time they submitted an approved complaint form along with the 6,000 petitions.

I wrote earlier this month that Carhart may have a friend on the inside of MBOP – its pro-abortion secretary, Joshua Sharstein.

It was the Sharstein-led board that decided to issue licenses to all abortion clinics in the state, including Carhart’s Germantown mill, before inspecting them to ensure they were following newly enacted regulations. Planned Parenthood of Maryland CEO John Nugent also said he preferred that MBOP create the regs rather than the state legislature, which says a lot.

Sure enough, the MBOP has already reinstated three licenses it suspended last month when feeling the pressure of the Carhart debacle.

So continued pro-life vigilance is needed, as always.

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