Video #1: Infanticide in the Bronx: Abortion survivors dunked in poison


UDPATE, 9:42p: Also the New York Times.

UDPATE, 6:40p: Melinda Henneberger at the Washington Post is reporting on this story, as is The Daily Caller, Kathryn Jean Lopez at National Review Online, PolicyMic, Fox News, and Hot Air.

5:54a: Today, Live Action is launching a new investigative video series on late-term abortions in America: “Inhuman: Undercover in America’s Late-Term Abortion Industry.”

Was Kermit Gosnell an anomaly? Not if the findings in Live Action’s first released video are any indication.

Dr. Emily’s Women’s Health Center is a late-term abortion clinic located in the Bronx section of New York City, where a wincing 41% of pregnancies end in abortion. A Live Action investigator who was 23 weeks pregnant – with a potentially viable baby – visited this mill for shocking results.

2013-04-28_0414The abortion counselor is caught on tape describing in gruesome detail how the baby is removed and instructs the investigator to “flush” the baby down the toilet if he or she is accidentally delivered at home before the final stage of the two-day abortion procedure.

“If it comes out, then it comes out. Flush it. … If anything, you know, put it in a bag or something or somewhere and bring it to us.”

When Live Action’s undercover investigator asks what happens if the baby is born alive, “twitching, or something like that,” at the clinic, the counselor says the baby will be put in a solution, which “will make it stop.”

“The solution will make it stop. It’s not going to be moving around in the jar … that’s the whole purpose of the solution…. It’ll automatically stop. It won’t be able to [breathe]…not with the solution.”

The “solution,” as described by the counselor, who agrees it is a “toxic” substance, is likely formalin, a tissue preservative made of formaldehyde, a poison.

We have that to keep it clean, and, you know, ’cause by the time it gets to the lab, it sill needs to be freshly, you know….”

The counselor also falsely claims that laminaria – seaweed sticks that are inserted into the cervix to dilate it – will  kill the baby.

The seaweed is where the heartbeat – that’s what kills the heartbeat as well…. they’re toxic.

The counselor warns the investigator not to call the hospital if her baby is delivered at home, falsely claiming the hospital wouldn’t accept her anyway.

‘Cause we started it first, the hospital won’t take you. They won’t touch you, either, because we started it. So whoever starts it has to finish it.

A second counselor gives contradictory information, telling the investigator it’s all a matter of location, that the baby must be killed “inside the body,” because were that same baby “outside the body… he has to resuscitate it; he has to send it to the hospital. That’s the law.”

Here’s Live Action’s first video…


The New York Post is featuring this story at the top of its home page.


The horrors of late-term abortions exposed by the Gosnell story were only the beginning. Stay tuned.


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