trustwomen[Planned Parenthood] and the pro-choice movement in general now have the following struggle on their hands: can they offer the impartial observer — who now has read the transcript of the Gosnell trial — a reasoned argument claiming that abortion is not murder?

… Gosnell killed live babies, but what he did to them inside the womb was indistinguishable to what he did to them outside the womb. New challenges to the pro-choice movement will involve this fact, one which leads inevitably, and immediately, to issues of reason….

In a state of nature, sans government, intentionally killing a live baby is still aberrant because it is hard-coded… that mentally stable humans wish to live. Even babies too young to fathom their own existence… are composed of elements designed for survival in their habitat, like limbs and lungs, so just like every other species, they were born to survive. Note that the nervous system is in on it, too — newborns avoid discomfort and pain, and do not attempt to kill themselves….

How has Gosnell changed the discourse? Irrelevant, manmade concepts such as “viability,” “wanted vs. unwanted,” “woman’s right to choose,” etc., now have been widely revealed and understood as “running away from reason” topics — which they logically must be….

After Gosnell, the intellectually honest and inquisitive must accept that abortion necessarily involves the taking of life….

Of course, intellectual honesty is not a requirement, but a choice.

~ David Steinberg, PJ Media, April 23

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