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  • At Abortion Pill Risks, Monty Patterson interviews “Isis,” a college student who recently had a terrifying experience with RU-486, the abortion pill.
  • Abortion in Washington compiles a post on the plethora of lawsuits against birth control manufacturers for various complications, including a possible 1,000 soon to be filed against Nuvaring.
  • Big Blue Wave says an Australian doctor is under fire from pro-choicers for refusing to refer a couple for a sex-selective abortion. Again, we see just how “open” pro-choicers are to the idea of medical professionals asserting their conscience rights when it comes to abortion. They’re not.


  • At Bound4Life, Natalie Brumfield discusses the completion of Students for Life’s Planned Parenthood Project, “a two-week bus tour [to eight] college campuses… [to] educate students on Planned Parenthood’s real agenda and where people can go for real help.” At each campus were 916 pink crosses (representing the number of abortions performed by PP daily) and eye-catching pink signs featuring facts on PP as well as other options for healthcare.
  • At The Leading Edge, Chelsea Houghton gives reasons why she believes women should be more open to motherhood:

    We live in a world where everything is over planned and in our control. We plan and choose a life for ourselves. A specific career, marriage (or not marriage) at a certain age, this number of children at this age, travel, a house… Whether it is through this or from the negatives people are quick to say, this has created rather a fear of parenthood in our culture.


  • Saynsumthn’s Blog reports on the conflicting statements given by Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood CEO Dayle Steinberg (pictured right) on Kermit Gosnell’s abortion practice. Did she or didn’t she know about the shoddy conditions and women’s deaths occurring there? In 2010, Steinberg said “she hadn’t heard of any problems at clinic until the allegations surfaced in recent days,” but later stated that women were leaving Gosnell’s clinic and “would complain to staff about the conditions there.” Patients were then allegedly encouraged to report Gosnell to the health department.
  • Euthanasia Prevention Coalition shares an article by Susan Martinuk which points out that assisted suicide affects more than just the person seeking death:

    So there it is — the classic left-wing argument against almost everything. Not based on facts or statistics, or what has happened in other countries, but on emotional narratives that are loaded with words like compassion, “I feel,” and claims of “my body, “my choice” and the ignorant and naive assumption that this “will only affect me.”

    In sharp contrast, the reality is that giving individuals the right to die “on their own terms” has plenty of public implications. First of all, it involves the assistance of another and the assurance that society will not stand in the way. Therefore, it is very much a public, not private, act. By giving doctors the right to help their patients die, the legalization of euthanasia would also influence the kind of medical care that the rest of society receives.

[Photos via Bound4Life and Saynsumthn]

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