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  • At Reproductive Research Audit, Dr. Jacqueline Harvey shows that a study which attempted to prove the safety of webcam “telemed” abortions actually shows a potentially greater risk to women:

    Even if the authors could support the claim that tele-medicine (or “tele-med”) contributed to the modest reduction in late-term abortions, they still fail to note medical abortions have greater rates of complications than surgical abortions.

  • ProLife NZ reveals that not only is a war on women taking place through gendercide, but aborted preborn girls’ ovaries are being used (with the aborting mother’s permission) for research and infertility treatments:

    Sex-selective abortion highlights the paradox of campaigning for abortion as a woman’s rights issue yet condemning innocent baby girls to death at the hands of an abortionist simply for being girls, which is profoundly anti-woman.

boston college

  • The New Feminism applauds Boston College (pictured left; a Jesuit college) for addressing the sex-saturated culture on campus which had been promoted under the guise of “sexual health” until certain objections were made to campus authorities:

    The college has reminded the [BC Students for Sexual Health] that the promotion of sport sex on campus is inconsistent with the college’s policies toward the sanctity of life, and has scheduled a meeting with them on April 29 to discuss their condom and sport sex advocacy.

The group is not happy about the crackdown on their promotion of “responsible” sex parties.

  • Right to Life of Michigan notes an MLive columnist’s reaction to pro-choice objections over Michigan’s “legislation to regulate and inspect abortion clinics (known as the Prolife Bus),” in light of the Kermit Gosnell trial:

    Enacting legislation to ensure a clean, sanitary facility has nothing whatsoever to do with a woman’s choice to have an abortion.


It has everything to do, though, with… what happens – especially with respect to the mother’s health – at the time the abortion is being performed (a child is being killed, that’s a given). Moreover, it is but the slightest step necessary to ensure that physicians who are overzealous, careless, or unconscionable do not slaughter children outside the womb as readily as they would inside the womb.

  • What about all those “unwanted” babies? ProWomanProLife features an uplifting video that reveals “the side of pro-lifers the media doesn’t show”:


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