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  • As Jill reported, Johns Hopkins has agreed to fully recognize a pro-life student group. According to the Baltimore Sun, Voice for Life, a pro-life group at the university, will be fully recognized by the campus after a student judiciary unanimously overturned a decision by student legislators which would have prevented the group from doing certain activities:

    The Judiciary Committee called for its decision to be effective immediately. As a sanctioned club, Voice for Life will be listed in all university publications and websites, be able to raise money on campus and publicize its events, among other privileges. The decision to recognize the group as a club does not guarantee that Voice for Life will receive university funding, which is approved in a separate process.

  • A Louisiana man named Jeffery Reynolds who cut open his wife’s abdomen and removed her unborn child has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity after being charged with killing the child and attempting to kill his wife. Paula Reynolds survived the attack:

    Reynolds is charged with first-degree homicide, attempted second-degree homicide and battery on a police officer.Police allege he stabbed his pregnant wife, Paula, in October, cut the fetus from her, called 911 and fought officers when they arrived.


  • The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit upheld a school’s decision to prevent a pro-life student group from distributing rubber fetal models inside the school because of the disruption following the distribution. Sounds like the students at the school have some issues:

    At Goddard High, court documents say, some 300 dolls were given to students before administrators shut down the distribution. Meanwhile, some students tore the small heads off the dolls and bounced them around classrooms like rubber balls. Some students used the dolls to plug toilets, while a few of the dolls were covered in hand sanitizer and lighted on fire. And other students found lewd uses for the rubber dolls.

Teachers complained of the substantial disruption caused by the items themselves, while at least one class was disrupted, with a scheduled test requiring postponement, because students became embroiled in name-calling over abortion, court papers say.

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