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  • Why is it that people who know next to nothing about the Gosnell case seem to think their incredibly ignorant opinions are worthy putting into print? Forbes embarrasses itself by publishing a commentary by Amesh Adalja, who seems to think that if Pennsylvania’s unenforced abortion restrictions were removed, someone like Gosnell would “instantly evaporate.” Adalja clearly hasn’t read the Gosnell Grand Jury report and likely has no clue that Gosnell’s clinic wasn’t inspected for 17 years:

    I believe it is no coincidence that Pennsylvania, a state with some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the nation (and hence the potential for a lucrative black market), was where an individual like Kermit Gosnell decided to operate his alleged infanticide operation.

    Advocates of freedom in medicine would do well to include all aspects of medical care, irrespective of faith-based opposition, in the quest to allow for capitalism’s return to healthcare. Not only will the removal of such restrictions enhance liberty, but also instantly evaporate any nascent back-alley black markets.


  • Congressman Marlin Stutzman shares how he was almost aborted:

    On a cold December night in 1975, a 17-year-old girl sobbed on the bedroom floor of a neighbor’s house. Her own home had just burned to the ground, destroying everything she had. But that wasn’t the only weight she carried that night. She had just discovered that she was a few weeks pregnant with her first child. In the dark, alone and terrified, she decided to find a way to Kalamazoo, Michigan, 40 miles away, to “take care of her situation.”

    That young girl was my mother, and if she had gone to Kalamazoo that night, you wouldn’t be reading this today. I would have been aborted.


  • Jillian Kay Melchior has a long exposé on a chain of abortion clinics in Florida which are still in operation despite their numerous run-ins with the law and the killing of a child who was thrown in a garbage bag after being born alive (the Sycloria Williams case):

    Ralph Gracia, a homicide detective who helped hunt for the body, tells me that the clinic “had boxes with all the [aborted fetuses] in the recovery room sitting there, resting behind the chairs where the patients would sit after their abortion. In some of them, I actually saw some small flies just hovering around the boxes.” The smell was terrible, he adds. He had to sort through each of the biomedical bags, searching among the aborted fetuses for the body of the baby who had been born alive….

    “I think [Belkis Gonzalez, pictured right] got away with murder, yes,” [homicide detective Anthony] Rodriguez continues, “especially in the cold way she disposed of the body. I mean the fact that the baby landed on the recliner, the mother’s sitting in this room, and she’s witnessing the baby breathing, she’s witnessing the baby moving, and according to [patient] Sycloria, Belkis comes and tilts the recliner with the baby on the recliner, dropping the baby to the floor. And then she sweeps the baby into a bag and closes the bag and throws it away. That’s pretty cold for a human being to be able to do something like that. Yeah, I think she got away with murder.”

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