Happy Mother’s Day!

Here were my top five favorite cartoons this week, beginning with a bittersweet Mother’s Day tribute to one of the Cleveland hostages’ moms, who passed away before knowing her daughter was alive. But Amanda Berry is indeed alive and now has her own daughter, Jocelyn, the clearly much loved child of her rapist. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite cartoon in the poll at the bottom of this post.

by Jeff Darcy at Cagle.com
 I haven’t been this offended by a liberal cartoon in a long time. But Steve Benson at GoComics.com has disgusted me, managing to tie abortion, contraceptive coverage(?!), and “no respect for rape victims” to a horrific story where one of three kidnap victims was beaten and starved until she miscarried five times. She certainly was given no “choice.” It is for this reason her captor may get the death penalty. But to abortion proponents, no story is unrelated to their sick blood lust…
 I’ll be interested to read your take on South Carolina Republican Mark Sanford’s election to Congress. Here’s liberal Jim Morin’s take, at GoComics.com
 by Glenn Foden at Townhall.com
Foden20130506-Plan B
 by Jerry Holbert at Townhall.com


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