by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • Alveda King of Priests for Life begins a three part series honoring the pro-life men in her life – just in time for Father’s Day:

    I am blessed to pay tribute to my Grandfather, Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr. who saw me in a dream three years before I was born. That prophetic dream gave me life, against the odds of a threat of abortion.

    Alveda also recommends Kevin Burke’s blog, dedicated to fathers in need of post-abortion healing.

  • Pro-Life New Mexico releases an undercover video showing just how easily a 14-year-old in New Mexico (who reveals that her boyfriend is 21, which constitutes statutory rape) can schedule an abortion with Planned Parenthood. PP discusses methods for returning her call so as not to tip off her parents, though the state doesn’t require parental notification. The phone counselor also makes sure to get the patient to the building to close the sale. Is this the best we can do for our children?


  • ProWomanProLife laments that citizens of Quebec may soon have to pay for people to die, if a bill seeking to reclassify euthanasia as a form of healthcare – “aid in dying” – passes.
  • Secular Pro-Life publishes the first submission from their paid blogging program by guest author Prayson Daniel, who “make[s] a case for the prima facie wrongness of killing a human foetus that does not depend on theological premises.”


  • Big Blue Wave reports that 64-year-old Linda Gibbons has been arrested again for peaceful prayer and sidewalk counseling outside a Canadian abortion clinic. Gibbons, who has spent 10 of the last 20 years incarcerated for her protests, admonishes the churches for their inaction, stating, “Obviously we [the church] have this holocaust because we’ve allowed this.”

  • Wesley J. Smith notes the case of a Chicago mother who (with her child’s live in godmother) plotted for a week, then stabbed her 14 yr. old autistic son to death because she felt he was not getting proper care and wanted to end his misery. The two women also killed the family cat in an effort to spare it from living in a shelter, and then made unsuccessful attempts to commit double suicide via sleeping pills.

    Smith predicts the public’s response when the shock of the gruesome story wears off:

    I suspect many will be horrified – not by the killing but the method, and the unavailability of “death with dignity” euthanasia. Indeed, I recall when Canadian farmer Robert Latimer murdered his 12 year-old daughter Traci because she had cystic fibrosis. Rather than condemning the monster, many Canadians asked, “Why couldn’t a doctor have done it for him?”

  • Reflections of a Paralytic shares a video from Life TV, which reviews the science fiction movie Gattaca, 15 years after its release. The genetic engineering depicted in the film is much closer to reality today:


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