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  • One of Steven Brigham’s Maryland abortionists had his license reinstated:

    Dr. Mansour Panah’s license has been restored….

    Meanwhile, the board upheld the license suspension of Dr. Michael Basco while the license for a third doctor Iris Dominy is still in summary suspension.

  • Police in Rome arrested two men who were beating a woman in an attempt to kill her unborn child:

    The Bulgarian woman’s assailants were her 26-year old ex-partner – the father of her two children – and an 28-year-old male accomplice. The men, who are also Bulgarian, allegedly attacked the woman as a vendetta against her pregnancy by new companion.


  • The Georgia State Supreme Court refused to dismiss charges against abortionist Tyrone Cecil Malloy (pictured left). Malloy has been charged with defrauding Medicaid and works at a clinic housed in a building owned by Attorney General Eric Holder’s wife
  • Looks like Governor Cuomo’s plan to make New York even more permissive of abortion is cooked, at least for this year:

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he expects his women’s rights agenda and the abortion proposal that threatens its passage will be taken off the negotiating table so it can be taken up again next year when he and lawmakers are running for election.

  • West Virginia’s attorney general is looking into regulating abortion clinics in light of a recent lawsuit:

    [AG Patrick] Morrisey said the state regulates numerous health professionals, including massage therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists.

    “But abortion clinics are neither licensed nor regulated by the state,” he said. “Regardless of one’s position on abortion, the state needs to evaluate this basic fact.”

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