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In January Jivin J reported on pro-abortion Portland, Maine, businessman Mike Fink, who began sponsoring counterprotests and offering free food to abortion supporters who rallied against pro-lifers protesting in front of the Planned Parenthood next door to his restaurant.

But Fink has decided to throw in the towel. According to the Portland Daily Sun, May 6:

Mike Fink, pawnbroker, notary public and owner of Mike’s restaurant at 437 Congress St., and Guitar Grave pawn shop at 441 Congress St., Portland, announced Monday that he would not renew a lease for Mike’s Restaurant, blaming turmoil caused by protesters outside of a neighboring Planned Parenthood clinic.

“I’ve decided to close the restaurant and sell the equipment if I do not find a buyer. I have also lowered my asking price to $10,000, which is close to the value of the equipment and inventory. I am very close to giving up selling the restaurant because every time anyone sees the stupid anti-abortion protesters they decide to NOT consider this location,” Fink wrote in an email message.

More from, May 14:

Last winter Fink attracted widespread attention for staging what he called “anti-anti-abortion” rallies, in which he asked people to carry signs or honk car horns to show their opposition to the anti-abortion demonstrations.

More than 100 people, including dozens of protesters on both sides of the divisive abortion issue, showed up for the dueling demonstrations on Jan. 4. But after several more of the counter-protests, Fink said, “things just got worse.”

He eventually called off his protests.

image“The more I protested, the more people came, and the worse it got for clients (of Planned Parenthood) and my customers,” he said. “So I decided I needed to ignore the protesters. It’s like reverse psychology.”….

For another business on the block, Antoine’s Tailor Shop & Formal Wear at 435 Congress St., the protests are less of a problem.

“It hasn’t really affected us,” said Perry Perkins, assistant to the store owner, noting that his shop also opens at 10 a.m. “I can’t say that (the protesters) are really loud, and it’s been generally peaceful.”

However, Perkins – who lives in an apartment in the building – said that there are occasional problems, and that residents often leave by the building’s back door to avoid the protesters.

“A lot of us don’t like it,” he said. “I haven’t heard a positive thing.”

imagePerkins said he understands Fink’s frustration.

“When the protests started, the first thing I thought about was Mike’s, because that’s a food place and those pictures are disgusting,” he said. “I couldn’t eat my food if I had to look at that.”

What are your thoughts on collateral damage inflicted on businesses located near abortion clinics where pro-lifers are protesting?

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