NACThe word many in our society use when speaking about a baby in the womb changes according to whether that baby will be carried to term and born, or whether that baby will be murdered along the way. A lexicon with double standards has emerged….

WebMD uses the term “baby” to describe an 8-week old fetus. A caption for one of the developmental pictures… reads:

Development at 8 Weeks: The baby is now a little over half an inch in size. Eyelids and ears are forming, and you can see the tip of the nose. The arms and legs are well formed. The fingers and toes grow longer and more distinct.

… Now contrast th[at] WebMD language… to their… section on surgical abortion, [where] they write:

A surgical abortion ends a pregnancy by surgically removing the contents of the uterus.

There is no longer a “baby” in the uterus. It has become “contents” to be removed. In this way, the language is manipulated to distance the woman and those who work in the abortion industry from the reality of what abortion means….

Then there is the degenerate language used in the abortion industry. Dr. Leroy Carhart is documented in an undercover video referring to the dead baby in the womb prior to having labor induced as “meat in a Crock Pot.”…

Is this really what women had in mind when they envisioned “liberation?” To sit across the desk from a doctor who refers to their developing baby as “meat in a Crock Pot” and not to worry because, if need be, he can “take it out in pieces?”

You’ve come a very long way, baby. And gone too far.

~ Carol Brown, American Thinker, July 23

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