There was no easy road for J. J. Redick to take following revelations this week of an abortion contract he and his handlers concocted in 2007 for pregnant girlfriend Vanessa Lopez.

But there was a high road. Alas, Redick chose the low road.  From his Twitter account last night


To be sure, unless Lopez had the DNA of her aborted baby tested, there is now no way to ever prove or refute Redick’s claims. The evidence has been destroyed.

But the fact remains Redick and his handlers devised a contract stipulating Lopez had to kill her 16/17-wk-old baby to fulfill it – dangling money and a continued relationship as carrots.

Redick’s attorney, Greg McNeill, followed up by breathing down Lopez’s neck the very day she had her second-trimester abortion to get the medical records (and per the contract, she also had to be willing to “submit[ ] to a post-pregnancy examination by a doctor of REDICK’s choice to confirm both the prior pregnancy and its termination”). Redick really, really wanted to be sure that baby was dead.

Objectively speaking, one scenario would be Redick knew he wasn’t the baby’s father but loved Lopez and couldn’t stand the thought of her carrying another man’s child. It appears even she wasn’t sure who the father was. Why then offer her $25,000 if the relationship pursuant to the abortion fizzled?

On the flip side, if Lopez were attempting to extort Redick, and he was so confident the baby wasn’t his, why not wait for the baby’s birth to confirm paternity?

There’s another email I didn’t post yesterday, dated two weeks after the abortion, indicating Redick and McNeill were apparently hacking into Lopez’s email account, not exactly ethical. (Actually, it appears to be illegal.) Click to enlarge…


I know relationships can get incredibly messy. And when they do there is plenty of blame to go around. The fact is Lopez agreed to kill her baby, no matter who the father was. The real victim here is that murdered baby.

Nevertheless, the high road for Redick would now be, without even admitting paternity, to say something as simple as, “I’m sorry for any pain I’ve caused Vanessa Lopez.”

But, no.

A few months ago Redick admitted that during his Duke years he “was sort of a pr***.”


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