[I]f the case were about transparency, then the City Council — and state legislators — should get busy passing legislation requiring abortion clinics to post how many abortions they have provided, how many women have been seriously injured or died in a clinic and whether the clinic has ever lost its license.

That would be useful information, because abortion is a serious medical procedure that should be performed by qualified medical professionals. And quality care is not always the norm in Maryland….

I do not expect legislators to force abortion clinics to be open with their data, however, because the crisis pregnancy center law was never about transparency — it was about pushing an agenda.

The impetus for it was a series of reports by NARAL Pro-Choice America, including one on Maryland, alleging crisis pregnancy centers were a “growing threat to women’s health.” Their crime: providing free pregnancy tests, parenting classes, diapers and baby supplies….

The verdict from the reports is that not providing abortions, or counseling women against abortions, is dangerous. Thus entered the City Council to protect women from the purveyors of baby clothes and adoption advice.

[T]he City Solicitor’s Office is busy trying the Greater Baltimore Center for Pregnancy Concerns… in the court of public opinion… [and] investigating the center to show that its real goal is to make money and that it is not honest in how it describes its services….

On the front page of the center’s website, it says that it does “not perform or refer abortions.” … It receives no money from the government… [and] provides services free of charge.

It’s rolling in so much money, the Archdiocese of Baltimore recently sent out a request in church bulletins on its behalf: “Please consider picking up an extra pack of diapers, wipes, and baby toiletries on your next trip to Target, Walmart or the grocery store.”

I’m glad the city knows a suspect operation when it sees one.

~ Marta H. Mossburg, remarking on attempts to force pregnancy resource centers in Baltimore to post signs stating what services they do not offer, The Baltimore Sun, July 16

[Pictured above is Lindsay Rupprecht, coordinator of the Greater Baltimore Center for Pregnancy Concerns, via The Dialog]

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