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  • Down on the Pharm says that by reducing human life to nothing more than a dollar figure, we are one step away from forced abortions – in America:

    The Congressional Budget Office has announced that if we pass Trent Franks’ bill H.R. 1797 restricting late term abortions, it could add $400 billion to the federal deficit. Philip Hodges at Godfather politics points out that this might be the first time that the politicians ever cared about the deficit, now that it can be used to push abortion.CNS News has more on this.

  • New to our blogroll, Josh Brahm clearly explains why he supports incremental pro-life laws, despite the fact that some pro-lifers believe they are “evil”:

    I’m not saying that we should do evil that good may come. My argument is that when we pass incremental bills that will have a positive impact for the unborn, we are not actually doing evil. We are doing a good thing….Trust me, if pro-choice legal experts agreed that this [post 20-week abortion ban] bill would ultimately hurt the pro-life cause, they wouldn’t be fighting it so hard.


  • Big Blue Wave calls out Canadian abortion advocate Joyce Arthur (pictured left) for using the term “fetus porn” when referring to graphic abortion pictures – which she calls “callous.” BBW responds:

    It’s bad enough these human beings are killed, the representation of their dead bodies are likened to pornography. It`s not enough that you don`t think they have a right to life? You have to disrespect the images of their dead bodies?…

A woman who is in favour of legal third trimester elective abortions… [has] no moral right to give anyone a lesson on the subject of how not to be callous….

Abortions happen at all stages of gestation in Canada. So it’s hypocritical to hide behind the “that’s not a typical abortion” meme. The picture of the dead babies is the picture of what you support. Own it.

  • At Catholic Vote, Michael J. New discusses the decrease in Minnesota’s abortion rate over the past six years, after an increase in the 1990s:

    On June 16, 1994 a state district court ruled that Minnesota had to publicly fund therapeutic abortions for low income women through Medicaid…. There is a very broad body of academic research which shows that public funding for abortions increases abortion rates. Indeed, while nearly every other state saw its abortion numbers decrease during the mid to late 1990s, Minnesota actually saw its abortion rate increase between 1994 and 2000.However, eventually the tide turned. Minnesota still publicly funds abortions for low-income women through Medicaid. However, in 2003 Governor Tim Pawlenty signed a revamped informed consent law. This law is based on the Pennsylvania law the Supreme Court upheld in its 1992 Planned Parenthood v. Casey decision which gives women the opportunity to view color photos of fetal development before submitting to an abortion. In 2005 Governor Pawlenty included $2.5 million in his budget for pregnancy resource centers. These policy changes likely played a key role in Minnesota’s long term abortion decline.

  • My Drop in the Ocean links to recent article by Laura Peredo at Live Action, debunking the falsehoods about pregnancy resource centers which were spread during a recent Tweetfest.


  • Expose Abortion includes this chilling recent testimony from Deborah Edge, a former employee at Texas abortionist Douglas Karpen’s (pictured) clinic:

    Q. “You would see the baby alive and him to kill that baby outside the womb, and this would be done by jamming some sort of instrument into the soft spot?”
    A. “Either that, or actually twisting the head off the neck with his own bare hands.”
    Q. “And you saw that happen?”
    A. “Yes, sir.”

Karpen is still performing abortions.

  • Fletcher Armstrong discusses the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform’s protest and appeal to the National Education Association at the recent Georgia World Congress to ask the NEA to adopt a neutral stance on abortion. It seems counterproductive for a teacher’s union to support even late-term and partial-birth abortion, but that is the case. Our children’s educators need to be informed of what the union uses their dues to support.
  • Big Blue Wave also shares a video that strangely claims “any child can be born gay. So marriage equality is every family’s issue.” BBW points out:

    Even if I accepted the premise that anyone can be born gay, so what? Anybody can be born autistic. Does that make everyone concerned with autism?


Also, if science could determine who would be born gay, would society’s eugenic tendencies lead to “search and destroy” missions for those children in utero?

[HT for CBO story: Matille T.; Arthur photo via; Karpen photo via]

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