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  • Another former employee of Planned Parenthood of Delaware is set to testify about the dangerous practices at their clinic:

    Former manager Melody Meanor and two nurses said they will testify today at a legislative hearing in Wilmington that Planned Parenthood failed to inform as many as 200 women that they tested positive for gonorrhea and chlamydia, and failed to notify 87 women of results of their colposcopies.

  • Legislators in Tasmaniaís Upper House are hearing testimony on a bill to legalize abortion up to 16 weeks.
  • The city of Portland officials are looking into options to limit a group who have been protesting at a local abortion clinic:

    Since last summer, 10 to 20 protesters have stood outside the clinic every Friday morning with pictures of aborted fetuses and pamphlets to discourage clients from choosing abortion. More recently, they have been showing up on Saturday mornings, too.

    City officials said in December they were looking into their legal options for limiting the protests, but the matter has not come before the council and the meeting Tuesday is seen by some as a possible first step in the process.


  • Abortionist Nicola Riley (pictured left) has been allowed to keep her Utah medical license despite almost killing a woman in Maryland and at one point being charged with murder. All she has to do is write an essay:

    Utah’s Physician Licensing Board ruled recently that Dr. Nicola Riley could keep her license so long as she writes an essay about what she learned from the 2010 incident, The Salt Lake Tribune reported….

    In August 2010, Riley performed an abortion at a clinic in Elkton, Md., however, the 18-year-old patient’s uterus ruptured. The young woman survived, but Maryland prosecutors got an indictment against her on murder and conspiracy charges.

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