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  • At Live Action News, Calvin Freiburger warns abortion advocates not to party too much over RH Reality Check’s (I’m sure totally nonbiased) analysis claiming abortion is completely safe and already extremely regulated, so pro-life legislation is a waste of time:

    … A-OKs from state agencies don’t automatically settle the issue. No pro-lifer denies that the average abortionist has basic common sense about avoiding punishment and lawsuits, getting paid, or ensuring repeat customers. The bigger issue is that when abortionists do skirt the rules, liberal government officials and abortion movement leaders can’t be trusted to hold them accountable.The least-acknowledged detail of the Kermit Gosnell case, after all, is that both the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the National Abortion Federation deliberately ignored Gosnell since the early 1990s. Indeed, when faced with those supposedly-nonexistent born-alive abortions, the current occupant of the White House decided nothing should be done about them.


  • Down on the Pharm discusses New York City’s Democratic mayoral candidates, and their apparent efforts to outdo each other with repulsiveness:

    Christine Quinn [pictured left], current speaker of the city council, is good buddy to Planned Parenthood and foe to pregnancy care centers. She is pushing to supply the morning after pill in middle schools.

What’s next? Slipping birth control pills into the lunches of elementary students?

  • American Life League says the Catholic Church has failed to take a principled stand against Obamacare’s contraception/abortion mandate, even going so far as to accept grants to advance the law’s implementation.
  • Big Blue Wave posts a story, written with a pro-abortion bias, profiling the pro-life movement in Canada. There seems to be quite a bit of concern over many young, unabashedly pro-life, “charismatic” leaders.
  • Americans United for Life joins with 83 Oklahoma legislators concerned about women’s health and safety by filing an amicus curiae brief in the OK State Supreme Court regarding the use of the abortion drug known as RU-486:

    “Women have died when these deadly, life-ending drugs, are administered in ways not advised by the FDA, and yet the abortion industry lobbies and files suit to use them contrary to FDA protocol anyway,” said AUL Action President and CEO Dr. Charmaine Yoest. “It is scandalous that Big Abortion puts its profits over the safety of women….


Big Abortion openly flaunts its dangerous misuse of abortion-inducing drugs such as the RU-486 regimen. The FDA approved the drugs only through 49 days gestation — but abortion providers administer them up to 63 days. The drugs are to be taken in a clinic or doctor’s office—but abortion providers send women home to administer the drugs alone and away from medical supervision….”


  • Ethika Politika wonders why motherhood is considered taboo among young women’s future aspirations:

    Why, in a world constantly reassuring women that they can do anything they want, do so many women identify a sense of embarrassment when admitting a desire to embrace motherhood as a legitimate and stimulating life option?…

The lack of essential connection between sexuality and family gives rise to the phenomena of “choosing to have a family,” a hobby seemingly no different than choosing to start a garden, or choosing to take up marathon running, except with far greater start up and overhead costs. When children are not seen as a good in themselves, but rather as a good dependent upon their parents’ whim, having and raising children becomes inadvertently viewed through a lens of suspicion. Is it really the best thing for a woman to waste economic resources and stay at home enjoying a hobby, when she could be contributing to society? Moreover, if she chose to work and have children, she could outsource the maintenance of the child’s basic necessities to another. She could remain an autonomous contributor to and participant in modern life; she could do so much more than simply raising a child.

This belies an inherently false assumption, namely, that devoting oneself to the formation and development of the next generation by raising a child is not a worthy endeavor.

  • 40 Days for Life plans to celebrate, on September 7, the closure of the Bryan/College Station Planned Parenthood in Texas, in operation for 15 years. Interestingly, 40 Days chooses not to legitimize abortion facilities as “clinics” because the majority are not licensed as ambulatory surgical treatment centers:

[Quinn image via NY Daily News; graphic via Ethika Politika]

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