BishopsYou liberal bishops have helped create this culture of death directly, by the work of your own hands. Don’t think that the blood of those babies, of those souls that fall into Hell because of their evil sexual practices will not weigh in the scales against you on your judgment day….

You have supported a political system which has brought morality in this country to its knees and made a virtuous life the butt of jokes. Yes, you! Do you think you will escape responsibility for your deeds and their consequences – your sins of omission and commission – what you have done and what you have failed to do?

… You have compromised with evil – you covered up the rape of children and plead ignorance afterwards.

You have allowed hordes of homosexual men to become priests and then promoted them after ordination to influential positions on the Church where they could reign down their spiritual terror on the unsuspecting faithful.

You have not just allowed but encouraged a spirit of radical feminism to run wild in the Church, in your own ranks and in the pews, universities, parishes, seminaries, houses of formation and so forth.

You have sat atop a near total destruction of the faith unprecedented in the history of the Church that it would have made Nero blush.

You have coddled murderers and sodomites and evil men of every sort. You have rolled out the red carpet for them in your cathedrals. You have delivered Holy Communion to them as surely as Judas handed over Our Blessed Lord.

In all the sincerity it is possible to muster, with the deepest charity for your souls, you need to repent publicly.

You need to say much more than ‘I switched parties’.

~ Catholic apologist Michael Voris, excoriating American liberal Catholic bishops for their role in supporting the Democrat Party (of Death) in light of Rhode Island Bishop Tobin’s announcement of switching from registered Democrat to registered Republican, Church Militant.TV, August 23

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