Above was the headline on Drudge until a few moments ago. Below was the message one got when trying to access amberalert.gov until a couple hours ago:


The latest, from The Guardian:

The Amber Alert child abduction notification system remained fully functional during the government shutdown, the Department of Justice insisted on Monday, despite its website being taken offline for a week.

The site was brought back online on Monday morning after a weekend of speculation, criticism and crowing over the weekend, particularly from rightwing commentators….

But the fuss was misplaced, the Justice Department said….

Although the amberalerts.gov website did carry a message saying it was unavailable “due to the lapse in federal funding”, the DOJ said the site merely carries information “about DOJ’s role in providing trainings to states on how to have amber alert system”, CNN’s Jake Tapper reported.

But erecting roadblocks to Ambert Alerts in any way whatsoever hinders the program. As I tweeted earlier this morning:

Meanwhile, not only has Michelle Obama’s letsmove.gov website continued throughout the government shutdown without interruption, ”Barack Obama’s federally funded golf course remains open,” according to Erick Erickson.

So Obama has gone from targeting elderly World War II veterans to targeting missing children. But who should be surprised? Pro-lifers warned that a president who endorses partial-birth abortion and post-abortion infanticide will show similar disregard to persons at other stages of life.


But if we didn’t know it before, we know now via the Amber Alerts snafu that Obama/Democrat decisions on what government functions remain open and what don’t are completely arbitrary. As a matter of fact, did you know

… the Washington Examiner on Saturday reported that only 17% of the federal government is shutdown, which would beg the question as to why a safety system such as the Amber Alert system is down.

This is another reason that, as Erickson reported:

Republicans are winning the shutdown fight, and Democrats know it.

People turning on the news this week came away with the knowledge that it was about Obamacare and kept hearing that Democrats wouldn’t negotiate. They also learned that for some reason the President didn’t want Word War II veterans to tour their own memorial, and Harry Reid won’t turn the funding on for cancer clinical trials at the NIH. Oh, and the rollout for Obamacare is one big glitch.

In addition to, and/or put another way:

Since the shutdown, John Hawkins of Townhall.com on Friday noted six things that the public has learned about the Democrats from the government shutdown.

Hawkins listing includes Harry Reid doesn’t care about kids with cancer, Barack Obama is willing to deliberately tank the stock market for political reasons, Democrats don’t care if Obamacare works or not, the Democrats absolutely, positively will not compromise, Democrats don’t care about veterans, and Democrats in Congress believe they should be exempt from Obamacare.

There is one shutdown I’m particularly happy about, even as I roll my eyes…

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