by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • ProWomanProLife links to the story about two teenage girls who were caught last week with a dead baby in a shopping bag. According to the latest reports, the baby was “born alive and then asphyxiated.”
  • Wesley J. Smith comments on the horrific case of a child being trafficked to the UK – to have her organs harvested:

    The buyers should be asked: Is your own death really worse than having a child killed or maimed that you might live? Some would clearly say yes. If that isn’t evil, what is?


  • The Passionate Pro-lifer describes a recent interaction at a Denver Planned Parenthood where a supposed man of faith (pictured left) defending an abortionist as a “good doctor” tries to tell protestors they don’t know the Bible:

    … [O]ur motley crew at the evil Planned Parenthood child sacrifice center were paid a visit by a businessman from Wyoming.

    Our short visit was peppered with lots of “christian” cliches as our friend thanked us for being there and spoke about our need to read the Bible more….

    [W]hen we started asking Chris about the abortionist in Jackson, Wyoming where several of us had protested the previous year, it turned out Chris knew Brent Blue. He’s a “really nice guy”….

    The three of us who were engaged I the conversation grew more incredulous by the minute. Chris benefits from a killer financially, sees him as a practitioner, thinks he’s a great guy and calls himself a “believing” Christian.

  • Live Action posts a self-professing pro-choice woman’s experience with RU-486:

    I bled for 14 days. A follow-up ultrasound confirmed that I’d aborted. And that’s when the problems really began.

    I had been prepared for the possibility that the pill wouldn’t work and I’d still need a surgical abortion – that happens in about 5 to 8 percent of cases. I also knew that I might bleed so heavily I’d need surgery to stop it… [But] what blindsided me, apart from being battered by the mifepristone, with a huge, cystic boils that soon covered my neck, shoulders, and back. I was also overcome by fatigue – an utter lack of ability to do anything more strenuous than sleep or lie on the couch…. On top of all that came depression; I sobbed constantly….

    It was only when I described my symptoms to my gynecologist that I discovered my experience wasn’t all that unusual. (The Mifeprex literature didn’t even mention it) “I think it’s underreported, but probably one in 3 women have dramatic side effects,” he told me…. “I’ve seen a lot of women go through it – I don’t want to call it postpartum, but post event melancholy that’s more dramatic than people want to admit.” He prescribed antidepressants. “One day, you’ll feel just like your old self.” It took 9 months.

  • Pro-Life New Mexico is happy to support the community baby shower, a project of Students for Life UNM, on October 26-27 in Albuquerque.
  • ProLife NZ shares the heartwarming story of a family of five who welcomed another member, despite a prenatal diagnosis of spina bifida. They believe “everyone deserves a chance at life, no matter how brief that life may be. That we do not, and should not, make the choice for another that their life is not worth living.”
  • Reflections of a Paralytic shares a new Population Research Institute video “using cartoons to break down the complexities of pregnancy, illustrating how the [Plan B] drug affects ovulation, conception, and implantation.”


[Photo via The Passionate Pro-lifer]

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