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  • “Chicks on the Right” Amy Jo Clark and Miriam Weaver discuss Sarah Silverman’s idiotic idea that pro-lifers are scared of vaginas:

    And this begs the question, do liberal women not understand the difference between a living, developing baby and vaginas? Do we need to sit down and have a basic anatomy lesson? There is a big difference between a child growing in your womb and your “ladyparts.”

    Contrary to Silverman’s preposterous claim to Chris Hayes, people are not scared of vaginas. But thinking people are perplexed by the inability of liberals to differentiate between a vagina and a child. Because when a separate and distinct human being enters the picture, the picture is about more than your ladyparts.

  • FOX San Antonio did a segment about the illegal sale of abortion drugs in south Texas. Too bad they didn’t include any pro-lifers.


  • Marie Stopes International is pushing to get the RU-486 abortion drug to Kenyan women:

    Marie Stopes Kenya launched a new product, MedipristTM (Mifepristone), geared towards safe motherhood, with the primary aim of reducing maternal mortality caused by unsafe abortion.

Statistics in Kenya show that unsafe abortion accounts for approximately 35 per cent of maternal deaths.

The launch saw 100 healthcare providers – gynaecologists, medical officers, clinical officers, pharmacists and pharmaceutical technologists- from Mombasa, Kilifi and Kwale counties, come together at Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort and Spa to engage in discussions around prevention of maternal mortality and unsafe abortion.

  • Melissa Kwoka, a former staff accountant at Planned Parenthood Western New York, stole more than $100K from her former employer. Planned Parenthood hired her despite her history of theft:

    Kwoka, 44, of Lockport, has a history of larceny. She has three theft convictions dating back to May 2002, when she admitted stealing $212 from the City of Lockport Building Inspection Department. She worked there as a secretary for a little more than a year.

    While awaiting sentencing in the Planned Parenthood theft, she was accused last month of electronically transferring $520 from a friend’s bank account so she could make a car payment. She had been held on $1,000 bail in the Niagara County Jail on a fourth-degree grand larceny charge in that case.

    Now she heads to the Erie County Correctional Facility to serve a six-month jail term… for second-degree grand larceny in the Planned Parenthood theft. has video:

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