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[A recent] study… claimed that the vast majority (over 95%) of women who elected to see the sonogram (they had a choice whether or not to see it) chose to have abortions anyway.

This seems to fly in the face of everything that pro-lifers have experienced….

One of my best friends… once drove [her friend Emily] to [an abortion] clinic and sat with her in the waiting room… [and later] accompanied her for the ultrasound.

“Okay,” said the clinic worker, as they wheeled the big ultrasound machine into the room. “We just have to print out a picture of the pregnancy. Legally, you’re supposed to view it – but don’t worry – we can take care of that.”… [T]hey were careful to turn the screen away from Emily and, as it happened, towards my friend.

What my friend saw on the screen, a fully formed baby at about eleven weeks, horrified her…. She just sat there and watched the unsuspecting child moving her arms around and kicking in Emily’s womb….

[A] clinic worker… came back with Emily’s chart, with the ultrasound printout stapled to a sheet for Emily to sign at the bottom. The clinic worker handed Emily the printed out ultrasound picture – with a big index card taped over the picture of the baby, so that Emily could not see it.

Emily dutifully signed the sheet below the taped-over picture verifying that she had seen the ultrasound and chose to abort anyway…..

I do not know how many abortions were done at that clinic, and how many women signed papers saying that they had seen their baby when, in reality, they had not. Nor do I know whether other abortion clinics have employed the same strategy to avoid laws….

After carefully reading the abstract of the Obstetrics & Gynecology study, it seems that, according to their methodology section, none of the researchers ever actually set foot inside an abortion clinic in conducting research for the study. (And, in fact, all the data was gathered from one, single abortion clinic.) All of their data was collected, not by the researchers themselves, but from records provided directly by one abortion clinic with no oversight of any kind.

~ Sarah Terzo, suggesting that abortion clinic records might not be such a reliable study source, Live Action News, January 27

[Play the video below to see a growing child in utero at 11 weeks of pregnancy, via]

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