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  • Jivin Jehoshaphat says abortion advocates can’t have it both ways when it comes to a new ultrasound study that purports to show how few women change their minds about abortion after viewing a sonogram. So, is viewing a sonogram inconsequential, or is it still an “undue emotional burden”?

    If they’re not going to change their mind then why is it a undue emotional burden? It’s not a physical burden because they already receive the ultrasound because as the first line (!) of the study’s abstract notes ultrasounds [are] a “routine part of preprocedure abortion care.”


  • Judie Brown shares her thoughts on the Texas husband who is seeking to remove his pregnant wife from life support. Texas law prevents pregnant patients who are declared brain dead from being taken off life support:

    This preborn child is not viewed as a member of the family in either case. This baby is not seen as the gift this tragically ill mother is giving to her family as her legacy. Rather, the child is viewed as a problem standing between healthy family members and their wish to end their own grief over the possible actual death of this lovely woman who is with child.

    Babies not yet born do not have rights.

    Too many members of our society are quite comfortable with the idea that there really is no human being in existence prior to birth unless the mother explicitly endows her baby with the right to life. If that isn’t twisted and perverse, then what is it?

    Sorry Baby, you don’t exist.

  • Live Action remarks on the latest Rasmussen poll which showed that while many people self-identify as “pro-choice,” they also approve of waiting periods prior to abortion.
  • Big Blue Wave discusses a lesser-known method of feticide she labels “laser abortion,” typically used in multiple pregnancies when one child is deemed unhealthy. The method causes death by “cutting off the blood supply of the umbilical cord so that the fetus dies from lack of oxygen.”


  • Clinic Quotes posts a quote from Frances Kissling (pictured right with infanticide proponent Peter Singer), president of Catholics for a Free Choice, who feels that people can be concerned for life yet still support abortion. It doesn’t make sense, but we hear from abortion-supporting clergy often the belief that acknowledging that abortion is difficult for the woman thereby makes the decision acceptable. In other words, it’s okay to kill the baby as long as you feel really bad about it. Kissling stated:

    [It is preferable to be] avoiding a coarsening of humanity that can result from the taking of life. Pro-choice advocates may bristle at such a claim, [but they would do well] “to present abortion as a complex issue that involves loss and to be saddened by that loss at the same time as we affirm and support women’s decisions to end pregnancies.

  • Bound4Life features a post from contributor Jess Clark, who took a year off from blogging to concentrate on her son, who received a fatal diagnosis. She discusses the joy of caring for him during this critical time and the wonderful progress he has made:

    We are so thankful. We’re thankful for the pain, because it makes this joy so much richer and deeper in contrast. We’re thankful for the pain because we can come alongside other hurting people. We’re thankful for the pain because we found that even in the darkest, angriest places there is a God who knows us and He is never, ever changed. We’re thankful for the pain because it reminded us how very, very much we love our son, and how fleeting life is.

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