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  • Wesley J. Smith adeptly points out that a “die-and-get-out-of-the-way” rationing campaign has already begun in the U.S.

    Liberal New York Times writer Bill Keller recently demeaned popular blogger Linda Bonchek Adams and her fight against cancer. Keller’s advice? Stop trying to give “false hope” to people and enter hospice already. Smith says everyone should be appalled by this attitude:

    Here is what I believe is going on behind the curtains: There is a great effort underway at the highest level of the ruling and intellectual classes to devalue the struggle to stay alive. Part of it is utilitarian ideology – the idea that society can define a life not worth living. Indeed, we have seen open advocacy in bioethics for a “duty to die.”


  • Reggie Littlejohn of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers tells us that a suspended death sentence has been given to Chinese doctor Zhang Shuxia who tricked her patients into relinquishing their healthy babies for adoption by claiming the children had incurable diseases:

    According to a Voice of America report, the court papers state that Zhang sold seven babies to traffickers. She received more than twice as much for a baby boy ($7,700) as she did for a baby girl ($3,300).

    Littlejohn says that China’s One-Child Policy and the resulting gender imbalance is the driving force behind this trafficking. One has to wonder why this doctor would receive a death sentence and an abortionist receives no penalty.

  • Secular Pro-Life speculates on the callous nature of a comment made by South Bronx Planned Parenthood director Irving S. Rust in 1993, who claimed many doctors don’t do abortions because they are “like swimming… sort of boring and kind of monotonous.” Even in the first trimester, this “boring” procedure can cause complications, as Rust admits. Apparently, committing atrocities can make you hardened. Who would have guessed?
  • At National Review, Michael New exposes several flaws in the latest ultrasound study which purportedly showed little impact on the abortion decisions of women:

    a closer look at this study reveals some important limitations with the research. Most important, these ultrasounds were performed by a Planned Parenthood who had a vested financial interest in seeing that the women chose abortion….

    Furthermore, the study did show that among women who were conflicted about how to proceed with their pregnancy, the ultrasound image made them statistically less likely to submit to an abortion. This finding held even when a variety of demographic and economic variables were held constant. As such, this study provides good evidence that for a significant subset of abortion-minded women, ultrasound images steer them toward life-affirming choices.

Real Choice

  • Real Choice has some great ideas for March for Life visuals (pictured right).
  • Pro-life Action League says Planned Parenthood is, naturally, celebrating “affordable birth control” on the taxpayers’ dime as one of their top accomplishments of 2013.
  • Right to Life of Michigan says Planned Parenthood Advocates of MI “has now updated [its] web site and quietly removed the plagiarized stories….” Congratulations to Michigan for its recent passage of the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act.
  • John Smeaton calls upon the UK government to step up to the problem of sex-selection abortion with a clear cut policy of action:

    Last year the NHS and NHS Scotland funded the abortion of an estimated 100,000 girl babies in Britain….

    The department is adopting a contradictory position by saying that a doctor who agrees to abort a girl-fetus because her mother doesn’t want a daughter is a criminal, when in other cases a doctor who refuses to abort a woman because there are no medical grounds, is regarded by the department as guilty of unprofessional conduct. The Department of Health repeatedly insists that doctors who refuse to arrange an abortion must refer the woman to a colleague who is known to have no objection. This is an immoral and legally unfounded demand.

[Top photo via Voice of America]

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