Plan bby Carder

When I worked at an abortion clinic, my friends would always say there should be a TV show about it; at the time I couldn’t imagine any aspect of my life being interesting enough to be on TV, but given the growing interest in what other people’s jobs are like, and the ever-polarizing “debate” around abortion, a nuanced view of an abortion clinic could be just what the public needs to see.

So if that is something that interests you, I recommend you support this pilot for such a show….

~ The Pedgehog, encouraging readers to support a TV pilot titled Plan b, which  “sweeps us into the personal and professional lives of abortion clinic staff while at the same time contrasting it with the complex and contentious nature of a local pro-life organization,”  Anti-Choice is Anti-Awesome, February 6

WARNING: Video at link contains explicit vulgarity. Stupidity, actually.

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