by Carder

Bishops pray at the Marien Dom churchNow, bear in mind, the archbishop’s staff had been informed of this nearly two years ago and has stonewalled, foot-dragged, administratively delayed, passed the buck, looked into it and just about every other imaginable bureaucratic excuse you can dream up.

And yet, at the end of the day, these drugs are still being passed out like candy at these Catholic hospitals.

So why are the bishops kicking up such a fuss and spending zillions of dollars in federal court to protest something that they freely allow to happen, with their knowledge and consent right in their own dioceses?

Why are these institutions allowed to keep the name Catholic? Why are politicians allowed to keep advertising them selves as Catholic as they champion the culture of death? Why are homosexual men allowed to run rampant in the ranks of the clergy? Why are Catholic youth not being taught the evil of contraception?

The questions are almost endless and each one of these questions is part of a larger issue – the credibility crisis that a huge number of bishops have on matters sexual.   

~ Michael Voris tearing into Catholic bishops who fail to act on the revelation that Catholic hospitals are dispensing contraception in their pharmacies (among other issues), Church Militant.TV, February 4

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