JODI-HEADSHOT-8-19-11-_100Jodi Jacobson is editor-in-chief of RH Reality Check, a pro-abortion website dedicated “to safeguard…  sexual and reproductive health and rights against false attacks and misinformation.”

Jacobson has stated it is “profoundly disrespectful” to oppose late-term abortions, which she defines as “at or after 24 weeks or in the third trimester.”

Jacobson has described those who kill babies in the third trimester as “committed, ethical, moral medical professional[s].” She said pro-lifers were “lunatics” to call late-term abortionist George Tiller a “mass murderer” – himself a subsequent victim of murder. Rather, Jacobson maintained, Tiller was a “heroic, kind, compassionate, professional.” 

Jacobson opposes fetal pain bans on abortion after 20 weeks, denying the “false and completely disproven assertions” that late-term babies feel the torment of being torn apart.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 6.28.42 AMJacobson further denies that images of abortion victims are real. She claims they are “gory doctored photos.” Jodi has yet to respond to my 1-1/2-year-old question asking her to show me her reality of the products of conception following the abortion procedure, particularly late-term.

I was reminded of the particular photo above, and all of Jacobsons’s denials about the savagery of late-term abortions, when reading this tweet she wrote two days ago:

Jodi was accepting without question a photo and description she retweeted:

I went to the trouble of locating the origin of that photo, at @picsofdogcatmeat on Instagram, dated 2013-12-04. The description states the puppies in the bin “were blanched in boiling water before the fur was removed. They were still alive after fur was removed & swimming for their lives in the boiling pot.”

I agree that picture looks “horrific.” But how does Jacobson know it’s real, that it wasn’t a “gory doctored photo”? How does she know the puppies were actually “boiled alive,” which she accepted without a shred of evidence? If the puppies were indeed boiled alive, how does Jacobson know they felt any pain during the boiling process? Where’s the proof?

And isn’t it perpetuating a “racist myth” to forward an undocumented, perhaps gory doctored photo, accusing the Chinese (but really Koreans according to the original tweet) of eating dog and cat meat? This is what liberals accused me of for a post I wrote in 2007, “Sweet and sour fetus: Chinese cannibalism,” which they frequently denied as urban legend but which was corroborated as recently as 2012 by the Washington Times and other news outlets.

Jacobson made $179,293 in 2012 in combined salary and compensation, according to RH Reality Check’s 990.

This might help explain Jacobson’s inhumane disregard for late-term aborted babies. But it doesn’t excuse it. Jacobson clearly knows barbarism when she sees it. She let the cat out of the bag in her tweet, pardon the pun.

But every woman has her price, as the feminist term for the saying goes.

Is it worth it, Jodi, to promote the same torture innocent babies endure that you find so “horrific” for puppies?

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