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  • Americans United for Life is glad that a higher court upheld the Fifth Circuit Court’s ruling on Texas’ abortion clinic regulations:

    “Women in Texas will now be protected from abortion industry misuse of life-ending drugs and will be provided greater protections from deadly events inside under-regulated, under-monitored and under-supervised clinics, run by profiteers,” said Dr. [Charmaine] Yoest. “I’m not surprised that an all-woman panel of judges understood the nuances of laws designed to protect women.”


  • At Live Action, Calvin Freiburger believes there’s a reason why even some pro-choice authors can’t avoid sounding pro-life:

    First, to exclude the unborn, you have to consciously go out of your way. “Every human life except x, y, or z is worth the same, and worth saving.” In the case of [Dr. Seuss’] Horton, not only do you have to add an exception, but you also have to remove [the] “no matter how small” – half of the quote!

    Second, there’s no way around the fact that accepting abortion is an affront to all the other values we associate with basic human dignity. If some of us may be killed by another human being for any reason, we cannot be equal. Suctioning and slicing apart a tiny human being can’t be considered “compassionate” per any sane understanding of the term. The “pre-viability” argument for abortion turns the idea of weakness on its head, changing it from sign of needing protection into a license to kill. And the cheap rationalization that “unwanted” or disabled babies wouldn’t have lives worth living anyway is the ultimate in cynicism, a declaration that we’re all ultimately hopeless slaves of circumstance.

    Like it or not, these quotes are inherently pro-life, and pro-lifers who use them as such are hardly guilty of twisting anything. If anything, our only crime is assuming their own authors actually meant what they wrote.

  • Big Blue Wave discusses the case of a Georgia abortionist who is being prosecuted for Medicaid fraud:

    Over the course of three years, Malloy charged the state Medicaid program $255,000 for ultrasounds that he never performed. He also charged $132,000 for abortion office consultations and procedures.

  • Bound4Life responds to a Politico article which suggests that some SCOTUS Justices are skeptical about the Obama administration’s claim “that for-profit companies have no religious rights under federal law.”

  • Euthanasia Prevention Coalition is happy to have the support of UK Prime Minister David Cameron (pictured right), who has publicly stated he would vote against the Assisted Suicide Bill which is being debated in the House of Lords.
  • Josh Brahm invites you to listen to his podcast about understanding and responding to the pro-choice bodily rights argument.
  • The latest 40 Days for Life campaign is more than halfway complete, and the fruits of their labor are pouring in. In one case, an abortion worker in Sacramento quit and asked sidewalk counselors for prayer. Please pray that more workers will have the courage to leave this grisly profession.
  • Ethika Politika has a lengthy post which challenges the views and practices of adoption in America:

    … [M]uch like American Exceptionalism or capitalism, [adoption] has become one of those topics that many conservatives, particularly religious conservatives, do not dare criticize. In fact, many conservatives, especially Christian pro-lifers — and I am one — may not even realize that the subject of modern adoption warrants reflection.

  • The Lost Generation has a message for those “kinda, sorta pro-life” candidates:

    Where do a focus on the economy and a neglect of vital social issues get us? In the past, they’ve gotten us slavery and discrimination. They gave Germany the Holocaust. When moral people focus on the economy and put their blinders on for social issues, do we think our opposition ignores the social issues?

  • FRC Blog shares video of remarks made by FRC’s own Cathy Ruse regarding what she heard when listening to the Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Supreme Court oral arguments:


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