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  • Big Blue Wave reminds us that bodily autonomy isn’t absolute. Government can, and does, tell us what we can and cannot do with our bodies, in many instances.

Olivia Wilde

  • Bound4Life notices how actress and abortion proponent Olivia Wilde’s pregnancy has been an eye-opening experience for her:

    She already loves her son and shares one of the most life affirming, endearing details of her pregnancy…. “He’s moving around in there and no one else can tell-it’s a little secret friendship.”

    She never says “it” or calls him a “blob of tissue,” or “a choice.” Sadly the secret friendship that she developed with her son is the same secret friendship that she voted in favor of murdering for any reason even while he’s still growing and moving and flinching away from the poison needles and forceps.

    Ms. Wilde gives one final life-affirming point. “Pregnancy does shed away all of the bull. It gives you more empathy because you look at everyone and you think, ‘You were a baby!'”

    The merciful humanity of those words is the antithesis of all pro-abortion arguments. Even the most extreme abortion supporter was at one time in his or her mother’s womb-helpless, defenseless, alive, in desperate need of mercy to carry him full term.

  • Americans United for Life applauds the Oklahoma Legislature and governor for the passage of a bill mandating that dispensers of chemical abortion drugs follow Food and Drug Administration guidelines:

    “We know that women have died after being given life-ending drugs such as RU-486 against the restrictions imposed by the FDA,” noted Dr. [Charmaine] Yoest. “But the Big Abortion lobby works to keep profits high, risking women’s lives by going against those protocols and handing drugs out to women later and later in pregnancy. Heroically, Oklahoma Representative Randy Grau and Senator Greg Treat worked to pass this life-saving legislation which addresses the court’s misconceptions and will allow the state to once again regulate these drugs in a meaningful manner.”

Mila Means

  • Clinic Quotes discusses how abortionist Mila Means (pictured right) used to be a pro-life physician. So what changed her mind? The money from doing abortions was too difficult to resist.
  • Culture Campaign discusses the free speech case brought by Rep. Steve Driehaus against the Susan B. Anthony List:

    Unbeknownst to virtually all Americans, yesterday the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a First Amendment case involving broken promises that ObamaCare would not result in federal funding of abortion. Nearly all media outlets stripped the abortion/ObamaCare essence from their coverage of the case of a pro-life organization that was muzzled by the Ohio law restricting political advertising.

  • Live Action notes what a difference “wantedness” makes – at least, in the case of unapologetic abortion advocates like Bill and Hillary Clinton, who have no trouble gushing over their new grandchild (or is it “products of conception”?):

    So, why the dichotomy of terms, when science affirms that babies and fetuses are the same thing? Clearly, it is a form of sophistry utilized by the abortion camp, and the answer is wantedness (or lack thereof) in regards to pre-born children. Wanted offspring are “babies.” Unwanted offspring are “fetuses.” The latter term distances offspring from the warm, thriving, tiny humans with fingernails and beating hearts that they are. “Fetus” is a perfectly accurate term to describe an unborn baby, but it’s a term that has been relegated to textbooks, where medical nomenclature is predominantly Latin, and therefore, unfamiliar to most laymen.

  • At The Leading Edge, Brendan Malone wonders why sex abuse scandals involving the entertainment industry – most recently, A-list director Bryan Singer, who has been accused of sexually abusing an underage male – are greeted with a big yawn. There is always media frenzy over sex abuse in the Church but within the entertainment industry, it seems to be considered normal fare.
  • After Abortion features a sobering video from a breast cancer victim (now deceased) discussing the links between abortion, hormonal contraception and breast cancer:


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