Planned Parenthood drops Kansas defunding challengeHere’s news so good I couldn’t let the weekend pass by without mentioning it. From the Associated Press, May 9:

Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri dropped its legal challenge Friday to a Kansas law that stripped two of its Kansas clinics of federal money for family planning….

Kansas is among several conservative states that have sought in recent years to strip Planned Parenthood of taxpayer funding. At issue in the case is money distributed to states under Title X, a federally financed family planning program….

The development comes in the wake of an appeals court ruling in March finding that Kansas could strip clinics in Wichita and Hays of the funds while Planned Parenthood pressed its lawsuit contesting a state law it calls retaliation for its advocacy of abortion rights.

But Friday’s court filing ends the litigation.

This may be why. Planned Parenthood is happy to sue and keep laws tangled up in courts for years, even if PP knows it will lose… except, perhaps, in cases like this. Quoted the AP, April 30:

A federal appeals court has ordered Planned Parenthood to pay Kansas the costs of an appeal over family planning funds.

The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday awarded the state $1,350 for its costs of appealing a district court order.

Planned Parenthood apparently decided it didn’t want to draw even more legal invoices from the state.

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