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  • Clinic Quotes shares a statistic that may shed some light on why so many pro-choicers seem desperate to allow virtually anyone to perform abortions:

    According to Medical Students for Choice, an organization that advocates for medical schools to train more abortion providers[,] over a third of OB/GYN residents have no training in first trimester abortions. The organization also says that nearly all family practitioners lack this training.

  • At Live Action News, Lauren Enriquez addresses an abortionist’s claim that abortion is “safer than penicillin” and that admitting privileges are unnecessary:

    As Live Action’s Sarah Terzo chronicled, “In 2003, an ACS/AMA (American College of Surgeons, American Medical Association) had a meeting… The participants unanimously came to the conclusion that: “Physicians performing office-based surgery must have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital, a transfer agreement with another physician who has admitting privileges at a nearby hospital, or maintain an emergency transfer agreement with a nearby hospital.”


  • Culture Campaign says the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice and the Center for Health and Gender Equity have written a letter to President Obama, urging him to break a law and allow abortions for citizens of foreign countries to obtain abortions in overseas U.S. clinics.
  • Surprise, surprise. Euthanasia Prevention Coalition shares the news that a Swiss assisted suicide group now wants to “help” healthy elderly people to end their lives:

    Last weekend, at their annual general meeting, Exit, an assisted suicide group in Switzerland, decided to extend assisted suicide to healthy elderly people who are living with some form of physical or psychological pain.

Psychological pain refers to a person who lives with depression, mental illness or “feelings of hopelessness.”

  • Fletcher Armstrong shares an example of the dehumanizing, anti-life language used by abortion advocates – this time on the campus of George Mason University.
  • Josh Brahm shares the exciting news that yet another of his friends, Roni Cairns, has converted to the pro-life position. She shares her conversion story as the large part of Josh’s post.


  • At The Guiding Star Project, Jess Schneider reflects on her own infertility and miscarriage:

    If my eighth grade sex ed class had not solidified my pro-life stance, my infertility would have definitely done the job….

The last ten years of my life have been wrought with the pain of infertility and a body that works differently, but also with the joys and challenges of parenthood. With every pregnancy I am reminded how very real and alive the child inside of me is, and how truly dark the circumstances are for those that believe their only choice is abortion. It is not possible to go through the kind of agony infertility provides and not believe the child’s life begins at conception.

  • Bound4Life discusses the “pro-choice” violence perpetrated recently against a 17-year-old pro-life student in Alabama named Ke’Ontai, who was handing out post-abortion counseling material:

    He had been out in his neighborhood park on Sunday passing out Students for Life’s Abortion is not Social Justice postcards, when one man started arguing with him about when life begins. He shouted at Ke’Ontai that his wife had just had an abortion because “that’s what they needed to do.”And when Ke’Ontai tried to give him some post-abortion counseling material, the guy yelled that he didn’t want it, pushed Ke’Ontai down, and started punching him in the face.

    After telling him to file a police report, we asked Ke’Ontai if he needed anything from our team.

    His reply stunned me. Ke’Ontai said that while he had forgiven the man who assaulted him, he just wants pro-lifers across the nation to pray for the man and wife.

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