abortion access crisis - drive long distance abortion andrea grimes rh reality checkOn June 3, RH Reality Check’s Andrea Grimes wrote about the “abortion access crisis” in East Texas where, due to clinic closures, women are being forced to “travel hundreds of miles roundtrip to Houston, Dallas, or Shreveport for legal abortion care.”

Save one, the examples Grimes gave to draw sympathy didn’t, at least from me:

“I am 23 years old. I live in McAllen. I’m a single mother, with one child.” Another: “I’m from Mercedes, I’m 33 years old, a mother of two, and I’m living with my parents.” And another: “I just turned 18 years old. I am unemployed and a full-time college student. I cannot afford to have a child.”…

The stories of East Texans who seek abortion care… are as varied as the folks who live there: there’s the woman left “high and dry” by an ex who “didn’t really care” about her pregnancy, the newly pregnant woman already raising a 10-month-old, the woman whose partner “disappeared as soon as she told him about the pregnancy,” the woman who went in for a prenatal check-up only to find her baby had no cranial structure.

Setting aside the tragic case of the mother carrying a handicapped baby, the other six supposedly tragic figures knew how babies are made and either knew they didn’t want one or exercised poor judgment and chose to have sex with creeps.

imgres on the abortion access crisisHow many of those women, like Emily Letts  (pictured left), didn’t even try to preempt pregnancy by using contraception? How many of the men they had sex with didn’t care?

How many may have used contraception but were lulled into a false sense of security to believe it works, when most methods have a high failure rate?

It’s time women in states with disappearing abortion clinics woke up to the fact they can no longer rely on abortion for primary or “back-up” birth control.

Contrary to feminist myth, sex is not a bodily function that can’t be stopped. It’s an action, a decision, a behavior.

Over at Talking Points Memo, abortion proponent Robin Marty warned of a coming abortion backlog due to “TRAP laws” being enacted around the country:

Planned Parenthood, the only other Milwaukee clinic, has stated  they already have a two to three week wait for patients to get in for terminations, and that if AMS is closed that wait will likely extend to eight to 10 weeks in order to handle the additional 2,500 patients a year.

That would make almost every patient need to seek a second trimester procedure, which increases the price drastically, or go to the next closest available city “abortion friendly” city….

As if any of this is the fault of any other than shoddy abortion clinics that can’t even live up to the same standards as veterinary clinics; crackpot, circuit-riding abortionists who can’t get hospital admitting privileges; or women who play Russian Roulette with their reproductive systems.

A feminist with common sense would be telling these women to take back their self-respect and stop having casual sex – no sex unless they are in a committed relationship with “a ring on it,” and where both partners are prepared to raise their children together if a pregnancy should happen, even if unintended.

Because obviously, the current anything-but-that advice of liberal feminists isn’t working.

But no, we have are feminists who are so brainwashed about abortion they are in turn brainwashing the next generation, coddling their poor decisions along the way.

This despite the obvious and catastrophic failures (examples were Grimes’, not mine) of the “reproductive freedom” mentality.

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